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Act Quickly: “Time is Muscle”

Rex Healthcare’s Chest Pain Center is nationally accredited by the Society of Chest Pain CentersIf you have or witness symptoms of a heart attack, don't just sit there-take action. Call 9-1-1 or get to the nearest Chest Pain Center.  Every second counts.

With today's technology, certain medications and therapies can reduce the lasting effects of heart attacks when given quickly after symptoms first appear. That's why time is muscle when it comes to heart attack.

Fast, Effective Treatment for Heart Attacks

Rex Hospital Chest Pain Center is ready to deliver fast and effective treatment to anyone experiencing the signs of a heart attack. Because the Rex Chest Pain Center follows the national standards of excellent care, patients showing signs of a heart attack can expect:

  • An echocardiogram (EKG) within 10 minutes of arrival which is immediately given to a physician
  • Evaluation of all other test results within 25 minutes
  • Heart catheterization (if needed) within 90 minutes or less of arrival to treat or explore a blocked vessel
  • Induced therapeutic hypothermia (if needed) as an intervention to protect brain function in patients with cardiac arrest

If a patient is determined not to be having a heart attack, the Rex Chest Pain Center will help you find out why you are experiencing these symptoms and if you are at risk for a future heart attack. Patients are monitored closely for six hours with further testing and recommendations for determining the cause of symptoms and future risk.