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Over the years, I have had excellent reports and clinical responses to the patients I have sent to Rex Physical Therapy.  When it became time for me to personally have physical therapy, I, of course, chose Rex.  I was not disappointed.  The quality of care, both in terms of professional content and personal interaction was excellent.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this to any patient or physician without reservation.

Dr. B

As an oncology physician practicing at Rex for 35 years, I have seen the tremendous benefits that my disabled patients have received from physical and occupational therapy. This has frequently allowed these patients to return to more functional status hence improving their quality of life, and reducing the burdens on their families and the expenses of care. In addition, we are developing a dedicated program of cancer survivorship care as required by the American College of Surgeons for cancer program certification and OT/PT will be integral parts of such a program per established guidelines.

Personally, I have received PT/OT for serious conditions and can speak intimately of the marvelous results that can be achieved. I am grateful for the work of these dedicated professionals, and I know I speak for the scores of patients I have referred for such services.

Dr. Z

, I wanted to send you a special thank you for your kindness and compassion during my foot surgery recovery with physical therapy. You really made me feel special taking the reins and helping me get everything scheduled around my "non-driving" schedule!  Nina was awesome and I appreciated her gentle expertise!  Christine and Tammi from the front desk were so wonderful, too. 


Please thank everyone who helped out! You have an awesome staff, Meryl.  I will be having surgery on my left foot in early September so I expect I will be back in mid October!  Again, thank you for your compassionate care!


I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the superior service Ms. Christine Carr of your staff provided during my recent recovery from knee replacement surgery. I credit her to a very large extent for the superb progress I made in regaining my walking ability and overall strengthening of my reconstructed knee. During my 14 visits, Ms. Carr was most impressive applying her broad knowledge, physical therapy skills and past experience in quiding me to a successful rehabilitation conclusion.  Her thorough explanations of the various procedures and exercises along with her follow up and genuine interest in my particular problem, have been truly gratifiing, Also, her unwaivering patience, friendly smile,and warm and pleasing personality are obvious assets as well.

Ms. Carr's dedication to her duties and excellence in handling my therapies needs reflects great credit on her personally and Rex Rehab Services. I commend her outstanding service on my behalf.

On June 19, 2011, I had a stroke which made a big change in my life. My doctor suggested that I go to Rex Outpatient Rehab for some physicial, occupational and speech therapy. I did not know what to expect. Once at Rex Outpatient Rehab, I was greeted by everyone I came in contact with. The staff at Rex Rehab was excellent and easy to work with at each stage of my progress. Thanks for helping me when I needed help.

I have completed my therapy for a complete  hip replacement and I want to compliment my therapist, Al Terlaje. He was knowledgeable, professional, considerate and kind. I was most pleased with him. The young women at the front desk were always pleasant and kind. The whole experience was most satisfying to me. Thanks to all.

Dixie C

I was a patient at Rex Outpatient Rehab in Garner due to a complete knee replacement operation. During my visits, physical therapist Yvonne Schaberg was assigned to help me. I would like to take this time to say thank you for such a professional staff. Yvonne, thanks for a job well done. I can walk! In addition, I thank Becky for being so nice and caring every time I came into my visit.

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. As part of that treatment, I began to meet periodically with Julie Huffman. Julie worked with me on swallowing techniques and also food challenges. I always felt I was her only focus. She worked diligently to help me with my problems. Julie is one of the most gifted people I have met. She is constantly thinking and analyzing. She does not contain herself to speech related problems. Rather she thinks globally for her client.

After my treatment was completed, I continued to see Julie. I developed lymphedema. Julie referred me to Nancy Reifsteck. Nancy was also supberb. She worked with my neck and showed me clearly how to do home care. Nancy worked with compression devices. In this regard, she mad several adaptions. I felt I was in excellent hands.

I talked about the cancer and how weak I had becomed. Nancy referred me to Brian Trabulsi. I have had physical therapy before and can tell you that Brian is in a league by himself. I greatly increased strength while working with him and the excercises he gave me to do at home were spot on target. Brian was always upbeat and enthusiastic. This helps so much.

In addition, at the front desk both Christine and Tami were pleasant and always helkpful. I have fairly high standards and found it unusual to say the least that everyone at Rex Outpatien Rehab were supberb, both in technical expertise, and in personality and focus. I want to thank everyone for making a difficult time in my life so much easier to deal with.

I am writing on behalf of Yvonne Schaberg. I am a 50-year old man who recently had a total right knee replacement. Yvonne is one of the finest people I have come in contact with! As well as the best physical therapist I have ever had! Her confidence, wit, profeciency and charm took me from walker to walking effortlessly and I am confident that with her help and support, I will finish my rehab with nothing short of a miraculous recovery! I have had five knee surgeries since 1982, as well as a compound left wrist fracture and a degenerative disc. So as you can see, I am no stranger to your world and Yvonne makes yours a much, much better world. Thanks!

Jim G.

As part of my recovery from breast cancer, I attended rehab at Rex. I was nervous about it, didn't know what was going to happen. I arrived on time, signed in and before I could sit down, a beautiful smiling therapist called my name. She started talking to me like we had known each other for years, the conversation was so pleasant I forgot I was nervous and before I knew it I had completed my first day of therapy. I enjoyed it and went home feeling good and hpapy about the way she performed her job and how she made me want to come back. The service is excellent form the front back.


A simple thank you seems inadequate—SERIOUSLY inadequate—to express my gratitude to you for these past four weeks.  This therapy has impacted me beyond what I expected.  It has restored my voice not only physically but emotionally and socially as well.  You have drawn out a personality that was quickly fading away and given me the tools to keep holding this disease at bay for as long as possible.   I will always be grateful! Thanks for helping me learn how to turn up the volume. 

Jeannine K.