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Transfusion Services

The Transfusion Service provides pretransfusion testing services to patients. The components routinely available include:

  • Red blood cells*
  • Platelets, pooled*
  • Platelets, pheresis*
  • Fresh frozen plasma
  • Cryoprecipitated AHF

*Pre-storage Leukoreduced products are also available

These blood components are usually available upon request following appropriate testing of the prospective recipient's blood, and preparation of the component for transfusion (thawing, pooling, etc.). The transfusion service should be notified in advance, whenever possible, of the urgent need for blood components. Blood components requiring irradiation, deglycerolization (previously frozen red blood cells), and HLA-matching require additional time to locate and/or prepare. See Blood Services production schedule for availability of performed tests.

Therapeutic apheresis services are also provided by request. For more information about this service, contact the medical director of the Blood Bank or the "on call" pathologist. Advance notice and pathologist consultation is required for these procedures.