Service. It's the reason that Rex Healthcare exists. It's the reason that our physicians, nurses and co-workers come to work. And it's also the reason that the Rex Healthcare Foundation was created - to serve the greater Wake County community by raising money to support and enhance Rex programs and services.

Rex has a tradition of philanthropic support that extends back more than a century. Partnering with Rex Healthcare today connects you with Rex Healthcare's long-standing commitment to excellence in patient care and caring for our community.

Each day, Rex Hospital provides more than $165,000 in uncompensated patient care from a combination of charity care, Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, donations help Rex provide innovations and enhance the lives of all in our community.

The Rex Healthcare Foundation Team can assist you in finding creative charitable methods that best meet your philanthropic interests, financial platform and time commitment. Support your community by finding an opportunity that fits!

Support Rex, Support the Foundation

Gifts to Rex Healthcare are made through the Rex Healthcare Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established more than a half-century ago by community members who desired to support Rex Healthcare and the health and welfare of the people of Wake County. Learn More


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