Donor Recognition

Rex Society

The following members of the Rex Society contributed more than $1,000 between July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014.

Dr. and Mrs. George L. Adams
Mr. Sean Agard
Drs. Malay and Mamatha Agrawal
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Alley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey E. Alley
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Anderson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Anderson
Mrs. Jean N. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Arp III
Ms. Teresa C. Artis and Mr. Nate Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin G. Atkeson
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Benson
Ms. Debbie Betts
Mr. David Blanchard
Mr. Thomas Boltz
Mr. R.J. Bornhofen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bould
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Burriss
Mr. Gary Buselt
Dr. Linda H. Butler and Mr. Scott Butler
Mr. and Mrs. S. Patrick Byler
Mr. Neil Byrd
Mrs. O. Jayne Byrd
Drs. Helen and Woodward Cannon
Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Carter
Drs. Jean and Michael Carter
Mr. Paul E. Castelloe
Mr. Charles Cheek
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Chiavetta
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Chiulli
Mrs. Bertram Coffer
Dr. Kenton R. Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph A. S. Cooper
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Crane
Mr. Robert Crump
Dr. Julie A. Czech
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Daniels, Jr.
Mrs. Amy Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Daugherty
Dr. W. Kent Davis
Mr. Marlon Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Day IV
Drs. Christine and Steven Dennis
Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Detweiler
Dr. and Mrs. Nirav Dhruva
Dr. and Mrs. Milan M. DiGiulio
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. DiLorenzo
Mr. Jason Dubray
Dr. William M. Dunlap and Ms. Shawnee Sundquist
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Eddleman
Ms. Kelly Edwards
Ms. Peggy A. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Elson
Dr. and Mrs. Bulent Ender
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Feld
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Finkelstein
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Flaherty
Ms. Meryl Freeman
Ms. Terri Freidhoff
Drs. Mary Susan and James Fulghum
Mr. Chuck Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Gardner
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Garside
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Glover
Ms. Christine D. Graves
Ms. Michelle Gray
Mrs. Jane R. Green
Dr. and Mrs. Christian N. Gring
Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Haakenson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hackett
Mr. William Hamlin
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Harper
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hauser
Dr. Hilary N. Hawkins and Mr. Erick Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Heidecker
Ms. Caron Hodges
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Hoellerich
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hoke
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Hopfenberg
Ms. Leslie Hopkins
Dr. Edward P. Hu and Dr. Quynh Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Huggins
Mr. Robert Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hutchison
Ms. Aimee Huynh-Khuu
Dr. Mark W. Jalkut and Dr. Eloise Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Rickie Jeffries
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dale Jenkins
Ms. Amy Jernigan and Mr. David Blakeman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jobe
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Johncour
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Johns, Jr.
Ms. Darleen M. Johns and Mr. Larry Mackell
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Jones
Mrs. Leslie Jones
Reverend and Mrs. Logan Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kadis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kadis
Ms. Elizabeth Kelley
Dr. Mark H. Knelson
Dr. and Mrs. Robin F. Koeleveld
Dr. Kenneth R. Kohagen
Mr. Corey S. Kozar
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kozlowski
Dr. William A. Kwan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Lashley

Dr. and Mrs. William D. Lee
Mr. Chad Lefteris
Ms. Jessica Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Logel
Ms. Rhonda Lowe and Mr. Dennis Francis
Mr. Chris Main
Dr. and Mrs. J. Tift Mann III
Ms. Diana Massa
Mrs. Elisabeth Massey
Dr. and Mrs. Satish Mathan
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Maynard
Mr. James McGrody
Dr. and Mrs. Damian F. McHugh
Mr. Howard Medlin III
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mendes
Ms. Pamela S. Michael
Ms. Antoinette Miller
Ms. Claudine M. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Monaco, Jr.
Mrs. Laurie Moon
Dr. Carrie G. Murdoch and Mr. Bruce Murdoch
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Myers
Dr. and Mrs. Keith V. Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Newcomb
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Newman
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Nicholson
Mr. Michael Nowell
Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Russ O'Dell
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Paschal III
Dr. and Mrs. Deepak Pasi
Drs. Sonia and Mohit Pasi
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Perry
Ms. Deanna Y. Perry
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ray Pittman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pittman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Powell
Mr. John Prischak
Dr. and Mrs. William I. Procter
Mr. and Mrs. Orage Quarles III
Mrs. Kathleen Quattrocchi
Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Neil A. Ramquist
Ms. Arlene L. Redgate
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Reese III
Ms. Nancy Reifsteck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ricker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Riddick
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Rieker, Jr.
Mrs. Kirsten Riggs
Ms. Marcia K. Robertson
Ms. Jennifer Robinson
Ms. Elizabeth Rochin
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Rose
Mr. Byron Rose
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Royster III
Ms. Elizabeth Ruffin
Dr. Marschall S. Runge
Dr. Sarah D. Ryan
Ms. Yvonne Schaberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schiller
Dr. and Mrs. Joel E. Schneider
Dr. Ronald P. Schwarz and Dr. Mina Levin
Mr. and Mrs. William Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Smith
Dr. Vincent C. Smith and Dr. Carrie A. Dow-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood H. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Brian Smith and Mrs. Amy Flanary-Smith
Ms. Lydia Snipes
Drs. Laurie and John Sorge
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Spong
Mr. Christian Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Striegel
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Strong
Dr. Julie K. Taber and Mr. Rhett Taber
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Talton
Ms. Kay Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Tempke, Jr.
Mr. Al Terlaje
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Usher, Jr.
Ms. Cynthia S. Vincent
Dr. Keith E. Volmar
Dr. Melanie P. Walker and Mr. Franklin Walker
Dr. Jerry L. Watson and Ms. Anne Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Watson
Ms. Sandra Waugaman
Mr. Van Wyck Webb, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Weber
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wehbie
Dr. and Mrs. Seth M. Weinreb
Mr. and Mrs. S. Montgomery White
Ms. Sherry Whitt
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Willingham IV
Mr. John R. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winston
Dr. and Mrs. Justin J. Wu
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wyker
Mr. and Mrs. G. Smedes York
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zaytoun
Mr. Stephen K. Zaytoun
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Zehnder
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Zeitler
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Zidar
Anonymous Donors

Rex Society - Corporations and Foundations

A.E. Finley Foundation
BBH Design, PA
Bell Family Foundation
Camp-Younts Foundation
Chaucer Charitable Foundation
City of Oaks Marathon, LLC
Duke Energy Foundation
Faulconer Construction Company, Inc.
Fenwick Foundation
Fight For 1in9, Inc.
Finish Strong LLC
First Citizens Bank
First Tennessee Bank
Gipson Family Foundation
Grab My Wheel
The Hamlin Companies
Highwoods Properties, Inc.
Hillsdale Fund, Inc.
Juliette F. Newcomb Lead Annuity Trust
Kay Yow Cancer Fund
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Local Fit Finder, LLC
Medical Mutual Insurance Co.
National Hockey League Foundation
National Parkinson Foundation
Rex Healthcare Guild
Saks Incorporated
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Tarheel Golf Foundation, Inc.
Wake Weekly
William C. Ethridge Foundation Inc   









Rex Legacy Circle

To recognize the generosity of donors who create special legacies, the Rex Healthcare Foundation has created the "Rex Legacy Circle." The Rex Legacy Circle recognizes the deferred gifts of donors who have created a legacy that echoes the vision of John Rex whose own gift established Rex Hospital in 1894.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Anderson, Jr.
Mrs. Grace C. Anderson*
Mr. Charles Beaird*
Mr. Danny W. Bridgers
Cou and Kay Browne*
Camp-Younts Foundation
Dr. Jean Carter
Ms. Rose Lee A. Cozart*
Dr. Jeffrey M. Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Daugherty
Mrs. Alice F. Eure*
Ms. Louise E. Farmer*
Ms. Lollie Bell Frazier*
Ms. Pauline Goodwine*
Mr. Eugene Griffin Hines*
Dr. Vincent L. Hoellerich
Mr. Earl Johnson, Sr.*
Claudia and Bobby Kadis
Mary Kate Keith
Mr. Edgar R. Lorenz*

Mr. John Taylor McMillan*
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Moore, Jr.*
Ms. Alice F. Morton*
Mr. Philip T. O'Hara*
Ms. Teresa K. Patterson*
The Peyton Family
Mr. John W. Querry*
Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, Jr.
Mr. Guy W. Richards*
Mr. H. B. Ruffin*
Mr. William H. Stephens*
Ms. Phyllis S. Wall*
Ms. Elizabeth Warren Thompson*
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Weber
Dr. Annie Louise Wilkerson*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zaytoun
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Zeitler
Anonymous Members 

*indicates deceased


Rex Physicians

The Rex Healthcare Foundation would like to thank all of the physicians and physician groups who have supported us between July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. Bolded names represent the Rex Society.

Physician Groups  

American Anesthesiology of North Carolina
Digestive Healthcare, PA
NC Heart and Vascular Associates
Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina, PA
Pediatric Partners
Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc.
Raleigh Medical Group, P.A.
Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, PA
Raleigh Radiology
Rex Cardiothoracic Surgical Specialists
Rex Pathology Associates, P.A.
Rex Surgical Specialists
Surgical Center of the Carolinas, LLC
Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, PA


Dr. George L. Adams
Dr. Malay Agrawal
Dr. Daniel J. Albright
Dr. John G. Alley, Jr.
Dr. Benjamin G. Atkeson
Dr. John D. Benson
Dr. R. Jeffrey Board
Dr. Linda H. Butler
Dr. Claudia Cadet
Dr. Edwin Cadet
Dr. Jean Carter
Dr. Steven R. Carter
Dr. M. Colleen Casey
Dr. Hsiupei Chen
Dr. Richard A. Chiulli
Dr. Arthur Y. Chow
Dr. Ann S. Collins
Dr. Kenton R. Cook
Dr. Randolph A. S. Cooper
Dr. James S. Coxe III
Dr. Jeffrey M. Crane
Dr. Amanda R. Crow
Dr. Julie A. Czech
Dr. W. Kent Davis
Dr. Steven Dennis
Dr. Donald G. Detweiler
Dr. Nirav Dhruva
Dr. Milan M. DiGiulio
Dr. Robert A. DiLorenzo
Dr. William M. Dunlap
Dr. Laurie Dunn
Dr. David B. Eddleman
Dr. Bulent Ender
Dr. Thomas F. Flaherty
Dr. Scott K. Garrison
Dr. John A. Garside
Dr. William H. Grant, Jr.
Dr. Jonathan S. Green
Dr. Christian N. Gring
Dr. Amy O. Groff
Dr. Timothy L. Gruebel
Dr. Vijayatha C. Gundarapu
Dr. Wayne L. Harper
Dr. Michael W. Hauser
Dr. Vincent L. Hoellerich
Dr. Leroy G. Hoffman, Jr.
Dr. Edward P. Hu
Dr. Kerry E. Hunt
Dr. Mark W. Jalkut
Dr. Robert L. Jobe
Dr. Mark H. Knelson
Dr. Robin F. Koeleveld
Dr. Kenneth R. Kohagen
Dr. William A. Kwan, Jr.
Dr. Sherman C. Lee

Dr. William D. Lee
Dr. Stuart J. Levin
Dr. Kevin J. Logel
Dr. Gerald A. Maccioli
Dr. Arun ManikumarDr. Satish Mathan
Dr. Damian F. McHugh
Dr. Robert Mendes
Dr. Peter M. Milano
Dr. Thomas J. Monaco, Jr.
Dr. Carrie G. Murdoch
Dr. Keith V. Nance
Dr. Naveen V. Narahari
Dr. William N. Newman
Dr. Quynh Nguyen
Dr. Charles H. Nicholson
Dr. Deepak Pasi
Dr. Mohit Pasi
Dr. Sonia Pasi
Dr. Rig S. Patel
Dr. Jon W. Pauli
Dr. Kirk Peterson
Dr. Neil A. Ramquist
Dr. Amitha Ravulapati
Dr. Robert P. Rieker, Jr.
Dr. Gregory C. Rose
Dr. Robert A. Royster III
Dr. Sarah D. Ryan
Dr. Joel E. Schneider
Dr. Ronald P. Schwarz
Dr. Alan B. Segal
Dr. David A. Smith
Dr. Vincent C. Smith
Dr. John Sorge
Dr. Robert J. Starkenburg
Dr. Jerry A. Stirman
Dr. Matthew Strouch
Dr. Julie K. Taber
Dr. Paul Thananopavarn
Dr. Bruce W. Usher, Jr.
Dr. Jessica L. Virag
Dr. Keith E. Volmar
Dr. D. Benson Walker
Dr. Melanie P. Walker
Dr. Amy Walsh
Dr. Eloise Watson
Dr. Jerry L. Watson
Dr. Andrew B. Weber
Dr. Robert S. Wehbie
Dr. Seth M. Weinreb
Dr. Brian D. Weiss
Dr. Justin J. Wu
Dr. Robert T. Wyker
Dr. Anne K. Yeager
Dr. James P. Zidar
Dr. Laura I. Zimmerman

Rex Co-Workers

Rex co-workers support the Rex Healthcare Foundation in many ways, including donations to the United Way of the Greater Triangle, payroll deductions, paid time-off donations, gifts shared throughout the year and in volunteering their time at one of our many events during the year. The following list reflects Rex co-workers who have contributed to the Rex Healthcare Foundation between July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. Bolded names represent the Rex Society.

Bryan Abreu

Melody Adams

Wanda Adams

Roger Adkins

Sean Agard

Jeffrey Agricola

Judith Allen

Roland Allen

Sheri Allen

Bernadette Allington

Claudia Alonso de Cartagena

Jodee Alpiser

Sarah Aman

Carolyn Amditis

Sabrina Anderson

Michael Anglin

Kristen Annis

Linda Archible

Helen Armstrong

Reginald Artis

Diane Asbelle

Dawn Ashe

Margareth Ataide

Rubens Ataide

Mary Lou Athearn

Sonia Atkinson

Rose Auman

Amy Austell

Derrick Avery

Wendy Avery

Kerri Ayscue

Saymla Badweh

Constance Bagwell

Teresa Bain

Almedia Baker

Wanda Baker

Martha Bakken

Sharron Ball

Tommy Ballard

Kelly Barbour

Brittany Barefoot

Glenn Barham

Kathleen Barker

Tamara Barnett

Ruth Bartholomew

Allen Bass

Joyce Batchelor

Becky Batts

LaGretchen Batts

Nathalie Beauchamp

Jennifer Beazley

Tinna Bellamy

Angeline Bennett

Paul Berens

Jeannette Bergene

Agaliha Bert-Jenkins

Sammie Best

Debbie Betts

Sandra Bilal

Matthew Birkenmeyer

Anderson Black

Kay Blackwelder Young

Eileen Blaha

Rebecca Blake

David Blanchard

Harry Blanton

Lois Blausey

Jamie Bledsoe

Beth Board

Hollis Bolanz

Tate Bombard

Angelia Booze

Patricia Bopp

Tiffany Borbas

R.J. Bornhofen

Molli Bot

Linda Botzum

Michael Bould

Susan Bould

Diane Bracco

Janet Bradham

Colleen Bradley

Amanda Branch

Theresa Brett

Renee Bridges

Holly Briggs

Marty Bright

Sandra Bright

Maureen Brod

Julie Broughton

Mayre Brouse

Alison Brown

Carmen Brown

Debra Brown

Duncan Buchanan

Catherine Bucher

Claudia Buergler

Margaret Buffaloe

Victoria Bullock

Judith Bundy

Junius Bunn

William Bunting

Michael Burdett

Nancy Burns

Annette Burrell

Stephen Burriss

Gary Buselt

James Bush

Garrett Byler

Vickie Byler
Jayne Byrd

Kimberly Byrd

Neil Byrd

Ricky Byrd

Sue Cacciotti

Sharon Call

Deanna Cangemi

Jackie Cannon

Liz Carey

Frank Carpenter

Ellen Carroll

Lizabeth Carroll

Patricia Carter

Stephanie Carver

Mario Castiglia

Katherine Castor

Kat Catlin

Maria Carmen Cervantes

Cynthia Chambers

Kuda Chanakira

Rutendo Chanakira

Donna Chandler

Suzanne Chaploney

Raquel Chapman

James Chavis

Charles Cheek

Patty Cherry

Meena Chhabra

Cynthia Clark

Kimberly Clark

Victoria Clark

Sarah Clayton

Janice Clinton

Helen Cole

Teresa Cole

Faye Coleman

Lisa Coleman

Ruth Coleman Maranda

Susan Collings

Anna Collins

Keisha Collins

Kimberley Combs

Ryan Conklin

Shelley Conner

Annette Cook

Laskisha Cooke

Yashica Cooke-Coburn

Melissa Coons

Randall Cosimeno

Cara Cotchen

Kim Cotten

Stephanie Cotton

Claire Couch

Deedy Cousins

Emily Cox

Bryan Crane

Rosemary Crane

Camille Crawford

Lynette Creech

Suzanne Creech

Tanya Creech

Dee Creek

Susan Crowley

Robert Crump

Debra Crutchfield

Danielle Cyriaque

Anny Dah

Freida D'Amico

Amy Daniels

Freddie Daniels

Toyin Daodu

Maria D'Arco

Arthelia Daugherty

Tamala Davenport

Gary Davis

Marlon Davis

Paulo Victor De Oliveira

Robin Deal

Deborah Debnam

Melissa Dehnel

Deborah Denmark

Christine Dennis

 Leticia Deoliveira

Stephanie Dickey

Amdy Diene

Jeannie Dinovi

Josephine Divine

Tracy Doherty

Fred Donnelly

Melanie Doster

Ursula Dozier

Michele Dragoslis

Latanya Draughn

Jamie Drew

Kay Drogos

Lynda DryeKellie Dullaghan

Ginger Duncan

Jackie Duncan

Lori Dupree

James Durand

Diane Dutton

Marcia Eadie

Jeremiah Earley

Debbie Eason

Linnett Ebanks

Kelly Edwards

Peggy Edwards

Tyrone Elam

Tonya Eley

Chuck Elliott

Laura Elson

Deniz Ender

Duwayne Engman

Kerry Erdesky

Don Esposito

Chester Evans

Ronald Ewing

Delise Falls

Tracy Farmer

Braxton Faulk

Janet Faulk

Michael Fender

Steve Finch

Bonnie Fincher

Elizabeth Firrincieli

Renee Fisher

Waverly Fitzhugh

Latarsha Flowers

Jennifer Foggiano

Kathleen Foote

Alan Foster

Rachel Foster

Lois Fowler

Dennis Francis

Theresa Frazier

Meryl Freeman

Terri Freidhoff

Laurie Freitag

Eugenia Friese

Anne Fry

Arisa Fulmer

Cynthia Furlough

Dana Garcia

Linda Garr

Kirsten Gates

Hilaire Gaylord

Jocelin Gibbs

Carson Gilbert

Donald Gillespie

Barbara Gilligan

Micha Gittelman

Lynette Gold

Marty Gooch

Marie Goodman

Becky Gordon

Florence Gorman

Michael Gorman

Ceira Gowers

Nayana Gowin

Susan Grant

Christine Graves

Wanda Gravitt

Michelle Gray

Jane Green

Nancy Green

Rebecca Green

Erika Grenier

Joyce Griffin Bullock

Andra Griffis

Dana Gross

Michele Gross

Vishakha Guha

Jeanne Guilliams

Rachel Gunshinan

Sylvia Hackett

Lyn Haft

Bobbi Hall

Cynthia Hanson

Brenda Hardin

Gwyn Hardin

Ruby Hardy

Frances Hare

Denise Hark

Jodie Harrington

Angela Harris

Dana Harris

Jacqueline Harris

Latonya Harris

Ruth Harris

Kathryn Hartnett

Thomas Hasley

Marcie Hauer

Erick Hawkins

Roberta Hayes-Piper

Kerry Heckle

Steven Heidecker

Kimberly Henry

Ginger Hicks

Pamela Hicks

Anneke Hill

Arnold Hill

Pamela Hinton

Lamone Hodges

Lisa Hodges

Michael Hoke

Leslie Holley

Darci Hollingsworth

Brittney Holmes

Jesseca Holmes

Elaine Holmquist

Darlene Holt

Anthony Honeycutt

Ashley Honeycutt

Emily Hooper

Leslie Hopkins

Rhonda Hopkins

Helen Horton

Sheneada Horton

Karla Hosig

Brian Howard

Stephen Howe

Aaron Howell

Brittany Hudson

Jennifer Hulford

Bob Hull

Whitney Huneycutt

Sarah Hunter

Aimee Huynh-Khuu

Annie Jackson

Charlotte Jackson

Binta Jallow

Darlene Jefferson-Hinton

Denise Jeffries

James Jernigan

Danielle Johnson

Erika Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Lori Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Patricia Johnston

Barbara Jones

Cynthia Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Leslie Jones

Logan Jones

Terry Jones

Traci Jones

Marcie Jordan

Angela Joyner

Michaela Juliana

Julie Karg

Elizabeth Kelley

Vonne Kelman

Debra Kennedy

Jeff Kimrey

Sandra King

Tammy King

Xandra King

Ernest Kittelberger

Juanita Kline

Richard Kline

Ashwini Kotwal

Corey Kozar

Rose Kozee

Joánne Kuszaj

Mary Kuzkin

Susan Labarbera

Teresita Lacara

April Lalumiere

Janrus Langdon

Chad Lefteris

Jeffrey Legay

Karen Leslie

Greta Lewis

Jessica Lewis

Maria Lewis

Tara Lewis

Elizabeth Lickliter

Rebecca Lindahl

Judith Linick

David Linkous

Katherine Lisenbee

Bonnie Little

Lisa Loflin

Cathy Long

John Longe

Mary Loose

Ginger Lorenzi

Rhonda Lowe

Brian Lowery

Deidre Lozares

Megan Lumley

Elizabeth Lux

Martin Lyon

Tracy Maccioli

Ousman Mackalo

Carol Mahoney

Chris Main

Terence Makoid

Susan Maloney

Tara Mannar

Lakeisha Manuel

Karyne Marcotte

Stacey Mare

Elaine Marshall

Shirley Marshall

Sara Martin

Barbara Masecar

Dianne Masiclat

James Masiclat

Molly Mason

Diana Massa

Elisabeth Massey

Tammy Mataraza

Benjamin Mathew

Maressa Mathura

Judith Maynard

Maria Maynard

Mary McCluer

Carolyn McCrary

Lisa McDuffie

James McGrody

Rhonda McGuire

Michelle McKee

Peggy McKimmy

Rebekah McLaurin

Jennifer McLean

Meagan McLean

Sandra McLendon

Cassandra McNeil

Cynthia McNeill

Kimberly Meador

Bobbie Medlin

Howard Medlin

Sherry Mendenhall

Laura Mentzel

Keith Merchant

Antoinette Miller

Barbara Miller

Claudine Miller

Jaime Miller

Maureen Miller

Rose Miller

Sabine Milord

Esther Minick

Anna Mitchell

Marilyn Mitchell

Tisa Mitchell-Fullwood

Mark Mondro

Shannon Monroe

Patti Moore-Boyette

Erin Moran-Gunter

Margaret Morgan

Owen Morgan

Elaine Moriarty

Jamia Moses

William Muck

Helene Murphy

Jacqueline Murphy

Gorette Musitano

Betty Mustafa

Julie Nagy

Mbaye Ndoye

Ronnie Neal

Constance Nehls

Gennetta Nelson

Carol Newell

Susan Newman

Man-Chee Ng

Lois Nichol

Shawn Nichols

Linda Nippe

Donald Noble

Suzanne Noble

Danny Norris

Antoinette Norwood

Maria Teresa Nuguid

Paula O'Briant

Thad O'Briant

Susan O'Dell

Maureen Oeters

Trudy O'Hara

Ethel Olorvida

Shirley Olsen

Kathryn O'Neal

Sara O'Neill

Albert Ortiz

Amy Overby

Joe Palumbo

Stacey Palumbo

Jason Papagan

Kristen Parham

Melissa Parker

Janet Paro

Rachel Partin

Jennifer Paschall

Andrea Paul

Morgan Perry

Estela Pestano

Ginger Phelps

Betsy Phillips

Mary Grace Phillips

Rachel Phillips

Yvonne Phillips

Ambra Piccione

Ramona Pichardo

Linda Pittman

William Pittman

Karen Pitts

Kelli Poe-Jones

Jimmie Poindexter

Katie Pollara

Stephanie Pomeroy

Tracy Pond

Joan Poole

Kathy Poole

Tony Powell

Meghan Presnell

Maja-Lisa Pressley

Donna Price

Doza Primus

Bernadette Purser

Debrah Purser

Kathleen Quattrocchi

Shellie Quinn

Jill Radding

Kimberly Recser

Arlene Redgate

Nancy Reifsteck

Carla Rempfer

Chloe Reynolds

Peyton Reynolds

Daniel Richardson

Markita Richardson

Patricia Richardson

Sharron Richardson

Robert Ricker

Ronald Ricks

Jennifer Riddick

Isabel Riego

Kirsten Riggs

Judy Rivera-Felix

Linda Roberts

Rebecca Roberts

Elissa Robertson

Jennifer Robinson

Elizabeth Rochin

Ramonita Rodriguez-Begley

Melissa Roop

Teresa Roop

Byron Rose

Lisa Rosenberg

Raylene Russell-Smith

Rob Russo

Debra Ryan

Bryan Safrit

Antonio Sanchez


Maria Sanders

Emilie Sanders Watson

Stephanye Sanderson

Tammy Sawyer

Judy Scaggs

Yvonne Schaberg

Susan Schena

Lisa Schiller

Patricia Schmoeger

Tom Schnittker

Janice Schreck

Jennifer Scott

Debora Seale

Angela Sears

Giselle Selestok

Ljiljana Selimovic

Crystal Senter

Patricia Shackleton

Linda Shaffer

Gregory Sharp

Janice Shearin

Susan Sherman

Connie Shockley

Rhonda Shoemaker

Anne Shook

Kara Shore

Chadner Sidbury

Toney Silver

Ayana Simon

Larry Simpson

Karash Skaggs

Kimberly Skaggs

Diane Skrutskie

Reginald Small

Brian Smith

Elinor Smith

Kimetha Smith

Louise Smith

Michelle Smith

Rachel Smith

Ruthann Smith

Seth Smith

Lydia Snipes

Jan Southall

Eugenia Sowell

Bernadette Spong

Margaret Spratt

Marie Stajcer

Tammie Stanton

Donna Stearne

Christian Stephens

Mary Ann Stephens

Lydia Stepnoski

Robert Stewart

Sharon Stocks

Katherine Stokes

Allison Strickland

Judith Strickland

Shelly Strickland

David Strong

Brenda Struder

Brian Stull

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