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Nursing ExcellenceMagnet

Rex nurses are more than just clinicians, they are caregivers. They are more than just health care professionals, they are healing hands that impact lives. Rex nurses are patient advocates that are unique in the compassion and respect they offer to those in their care, and the families who love them.

Rex Healthcare is proud to be the first hospital in the Triangle to be awarded and redesignated Magnet status by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the nation's largest and foremost nursing accrediting and credentialing organization. Achieving Magnet status places Rex in an elite group of the top 6% of nurses in the nation.

Rex is constantly moving forward, creating new services, technologies and programs for co-workers and patients. The culture at Rex fosters excellence, and at the heart are Rex nurses.

Magnet designation serves as a "magnet" attracting a reputation and nurses that are among the finest in the nation.

Characteristics of excellent nursing at Rex:

  • Quality of nursing leadership
  • Organizational structure
  • Personnel policies and programs
  • Quality of care
  • Autonomy
  • Professional development

If you are interested in joining our nationally-recognized, award-winning organization, apply here for a position with Rex Healthcare.

Learn more about the Magnet Award Recognition program
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