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Heart & Vascular (New)

Heart & Vascular

For personalized cardiovascular care combined with clinical expertise, choose UNC REX Healthcare. You’ll partner with leading physicians who take time to get to know you and help you fully understand your condition and advanced treatment options. And with dozens of locations, we make it easy to access all the heart and vascular services you need.

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care

From prevention and diagnosis to recovery and rehabilitation, you’ll find the full spectrum of services for your heart and blood vessels at UNC REX Healthcare. Take advantage of:

  • Screenings and diagnostics, including mobile screening, provided by specialists who explain your results, risk factors and preventive strategies
  • Interventional cardiology procedures that use minimally invasive approaches to treat heart conditions
  • Electrophysiology services to steady abnormal heartbeats
  • Structural and valvular heart care, including minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), to treat heart defects, valve problems and more
  • Heart failure clinic, which helps you manage your condition and prevent cardiac emergencies
  • Heart surgery, including coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), from surgeons trained in the latest and best ways to care for you
  • Cardiac rehabilitation, which improves your recovery after surgery, a heart attack or another cardiac event
  • Vascular care, including aneurysm repair and treatment to open narrowed or blocked blood vessels throughout your body
  • Vein care for conditions such as varicose veins, spider veins and deep vein thrombosis

See how the new Heart & Vascular Hospital will enhance the excellent care you already receive through UNC REX Healthcare.

Experts in Cardiac Emergencies

When you experience signs of heart attack, count on UNC REX Hospital’s Accredited Chest Pain Center for timely, thorough treatment that could save your life. You may even benefit from induced therapeutic hypothermia, an advanced service that’s designed to protect brain function during a heart attack and is available at only a small number of hospitals nationwide. If you experience signs of a heart attack, call 911 to get to your nearest emergency department.

Multidisciplinary Team

You gain access to cardiologists, vascular specialists, surgeons and other experts at three specialty practices located at UNC REX as well as all that their collaboration with UNC Medical Center provides patients : North Carolina Heart & Vascular, REX Cardiac Surgical Specialists and REX Vascular Specialists: Throughout your care journey, you’ll also lean on caregivers such as:

  • Cardiovascular clinical nurse specialists
  • Dietitians
  • Rehabilitation therapists
  • Medical social workers
  • Pathologists
  • Hospice Palliative care teamrepresentatives
  • Chaplains
  • Volunteers

Talk to Your Primary Care Provider

Your primary care provider plays an essential role as a coordinator of your care. With broad knowledge of your health history, he or she can help determine whether your symptoms result from a heart problem or something else—and refer you to a cardiologist when necessary. If you do not have a primary care provider, we can help you find one near you through UNC Physician Network.

Learn Your Risk

Take an online Heart Aware or Vascular Aware assessment to discover your odds of developing a cardiovascular disease. You’ll find out if you qualify for a free in-person medical screening and consultation.

Patient Stories


Joy recalls how the nurses and physicians at UNC REX Healthcare saved her life when she woke up with heart pain in the middle of the night.

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