Heart Failure

Heart failure is when your heart does not pump enough blood to meet your body's needs. While it is a serious condition, with the right medication and lifestyle, it can be treated and managed.

Our heart failure specialists offer a comprehensive program to help you manage your heart failure. Our care team includes specialists from UNC REX Healthcare and UNC Medical Center caring for patients at our Clinic in Raleigh. Together, they are experienced in a wide range of treatment options for even the most complex cases. We work with your cardiologist, primary care physician and other members of your existing care team to make sure you have everything you need to improve your health.

Heart Failure Program

What to Expect

The heart failure team will call you within two days to setup schedule an appointment with a care team member in the REX Heart Failure Clinic. Our goal is to schedule your first appointment within a week after you leave the hospital. We will contact your primary care physician and primary cardiologist for your medical records.

First Appointment

Please bring all of your medications and supplements in their prescription bottles to your first appointment.

At your appointment you will:

  • Meet with heart failure physician and other clinicians on your care team
  • Get additional testing if needed
  • Establish care plan and review with your heart failure specialists
  • Your care team will follow up with your primary cardiologist or primary care physician to discuss your care plan

Care Plan

Each patient’s care plan is different, but you can expect to have regular follow up over the phone with your care team. They may ask you to check your weight daily and/or recommend other resources, such as an appointment with a pharmacist or a local cardiac rehabilitation program.


UNC REX Hospital
Medical Office Building
(next to REX Emergency Department Entrance)
2800 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 204
Raleigh, NC 27607

We encourage you to use the complimentary valet parking available at building entrance. If you prefer to self-park, there is parking available in the parking deck next to the building.

Call 911

If you or a loved one is experiencing signs of a heart attack or stroke, call 911 immediately.

Contact Us

Talk to your cardiologist or call 919-784-3324 for more information about the REX Heart Failure Clinic, located at UNC REX Hospital Medical Office Building.

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