WakeBrook Inpatient Unit

WakeBrook Inpatient Unit
107 Sunnybrook Road
Raleigh, NC 27610

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  • Mental Health

WakeBrook Inpatient Unit (IPU)

Wakebrook Inpatient Unit is a 28-bed Inpatient Psychiatric Unit for adults 18 and older.

Our goal is to help the mentally ill deal with crisis in a safe and supportive setting. A team of professionals provide individualized care, and aim to see that those receiving care develop new coping skills and a safe plan for leaving the hospital as soon as able. Our team includes doctors, nurses, social workers, occupational and recreational therapists, pharmacists, and others including advanced students in some of these fields. We try to identify and define the problem or problems that brought the person in crisis here through interview of the patient and family, through medical tests, and through other methods of assessment. Once we begin to understand the problems, we can plan the treatment.

The individualized treatment plan will almost always include several parts. Participation in the treatment groups during the hospital stay is always recommended. Most patients will have medications prescribed. We encourage everyone to work on a safe discharge plan from the hospital by exploring their options for housing, support, and aftercare. The members of our team will assist in all these activities, but patient involvement will drive most of the important decisions made about care here. We are committed to helping patients through their crisis.