Aquatic Exercises at the Rex Wellness CenterRegardless of whether you’re a beginning swimmer or a seasoned champ, at the REX Wellness Centers you’ll be able to find an aquatic program designed to help you reach your fitness goals. We offer a wide variety of aquatic group exercise classes and personal training programs for adults of all skill levels.

We also offer swim lessons and other family-oriented swim programs to help serve your entire family.

Don’t forget to check the class and lap-lane schedules before planning your visit.

Rex Wellness Offers Saline Pools

The Rex Wellness Centers feature heated saline, or salt water, pools. But don’t worry - saline pools are not very salty. To give you an idea, human tears are THREE times as salty and ocean water is TWELVE times as salty as our saline pools.

Saline pools are still chlorinated and are just as safe and sanitary as traditionally chlorinated pools. However, they use fewer chemicals creating a healthier, more enjoyable aquatic experience.

Advantages of Saline Pools

  • Due to the low levels of chemicals used in saline pools, you won’t have to worry about dry/itchy skin, red eyes, discolored hair, smelling like chlorine or your swimsuit fading.
  • Salt is softer on your skin than chlorine - meaning the water feels softer and is more enjoyable.
  • Saline (salt water) purification systems provide on-site production of the sanitizer necessary to maintain safe water.
  • The entire sanitization process happens within the water itself. First, pool salt (sodium chloride) is dissolved into the water. Then, through a simple electrolysis process, the salt is converted into a chlorine gas which is instantly dissolved into the water to provide the sanitation necessary to kill bacteria, viruses, and algae. Since the chlorine gas is immediately dissolved, it is never a hazard to patrons.
  • The saline purification system maintains perfectly sanitized water and eliminates the risks associated with periods of high or low chemical levels.
  • Maintenance of saline pools is much more efficient than chlorine pools.

We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding North Carolina and Wake County standards for water quality.

Our pools are checked multiple times daily by Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) and are tested weekly by Rex Hospital's Microbiology Lab to ensure that we are compliant with local and state water quality requirements.

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