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Join Rex Wellness Centers

Becoming a Rex Wellness Centers member is easy. First explore our membership options and wellness center locations. When you’re ready to join, complete a membership application and bring it to one of our centers. There you’ll meet with a wellness coordinator who will get you started on the road to better health.

Be sure to check out our current membership promotions for discounts before you join.

Membership Categories

To accommodate different schedules and needs, we offer three categories of membership:

  • Individual memberships are for one person only.
    • Enrollment: $125; Monthly: $52
  • Couple Memberships are for couples that live in the same household. To be considered a couple, the responsible member must provide evidence that the other half of the couple is a continuous partner living in the same household on a permanent basis.
    • Enrollment: $200; Monthly: $89
  • Family Memberships are an extension of the Couple Membership. The Family Membership is for families with legal dependents living at home. Dependents 18-25 years old are allowed full use of the facility, while dependents ages 16-17 require written parental consent. Otherwise, children must remain in the child activity area.
    • Enrollment: $200; Monthly: $89 per month for the couple, $15 per month for each additional dependent
  • Mid-day memberships entitle one person to full use of the centers Monday - Friday between 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    • Enrollment: $100; Monthly: $46
  • Corporate Memberships are also available for our corporate clients and their employees. These memberships provide full access to our five Rex Wellness Center locations. Corporate clients may also choose to take advantage of on-site wellness services. For more information, contact Anneke Hill via email or phone at (919) 784-1375.

Next Steps

Tour Rex Wellness Centers

A tour is not required, but offers a great opportunity to explore our facilities, amenities and programs prior to joining the Rex Wellness Centers.

A tour is also a great time to meet and ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you may have. Upon completion of the tour, you may stay for a complimentary workout.

To schedule a tour and a complimentary workout, please contact the facility of your choice.

Complete a Membership Application

We recommend that you complete the Membership Application prior to coming into the facility to join.

Download and complete a membership application today!

Meet with a Wellness Coordinator

You’ve taken a tour and completed your application. Now it’s time to join!

Bring your completed membership application to your preferred Rex Wellness Center location. You’ll then meet with a wellness coordinator to complete the remainder of your paperwork.

Enrollment fees and prorated first month’s dues may be collected during this appointment. You should plan for this process to take approximately 30 minutes.

Schedule a Fitness Assessment and Equipment Orientation

Take full advantage of your membership by scheduling a fitness assessment and equipment orientation with one of our nationally accredited instructors.

The fitness assessment will determine your baseline measures and help to determine your fitness goals. The equipment orientation will provide you a basic introduction to our exercise equipment and ensure that you are comfortable on the exercise floor.

These appointments may be scheduled during the enrollment process.

Download Our App

Manage your workout schedules, access Pandora playlists, collect rewards points and more.

Download our app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store today!

Group Fitness Schedules

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