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Whether you’re a first-time exerciser or a well-conditioned athlete, the group exercise classes at the REX Wellness Centers are sure to provide you with a great (and fun!) workout.

Explore course descriptions below.*Class offerings vary by location, please check your centers group exercise schedule for availability.*

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Course Descriptions


Cardio Dance

Cardio Dance offers easy-to-follow dance moves to popular music that will be sure to get your heart rate up. Styles include: Jazzercise, Latin Cardio, Swing, Decade themes, Country Line Dancing, Hip Hop, Bollywood and Belly Dancing. No dance experience necessary for this high energy dance class. For a lower intensity workout, check out the Move and Groove class.

Cardio Kickbox

An intermediate to advanced level class blending western style boxing techniques, martial arts movements and cardiovascular, athletic style training. Class includes combinations of punching and kicking moves interspersed with high- intensity cardiovascular drills.

Cycle/Cycle Express

Group Cycling offers an individual workout in a group exercise setting. This supervised aerobic training session on indoor cycles includes endurance work, intervals and strength work. This non-impact class is perfect for all skill levels as you control your level of intensity. Cycle Express is a shorter class with a 45 minute ride.

Dance Mix

This format will introduce you to some dance moves that will keep you swinging and swaying to the music throughout your aerobic training.

Dance Movement

This class combines classic and modern dance movements for a complete low intensity workout. Helps to improve coordination and balance as well.

Drum Beats/Drums Alive

This cardio class uses exercise balls and drum sticks for an exciting, heart pumping workout.

Drums Extreme

Take your drum beats to the next level by combining cardio interval training with drumming. This is an intense, full body workout. Intensity may be individualized, but this class will require participants to be able to get on and off the floor.

FXP Hula Hoop

This program features low impact, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training, precise moves inspired by Barre work, Core-centric moves adapted from Pilates, and Simple Yoga- based stretching. The use of the Hula Hoop intensifies and assists movements of all fitness levels. It's a Fun and Effective workout that one will fall in love with. Hula Hooping increases endurance and utilizes the cardiovascular elements.


High Intensity Interval Training. Get ready to push yourself to your limit in this non-stop, powerhouse workout that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping. HIIT training alternates intense bursts of exercises with short recovery periods and can burn significantly more calories than a traditional steady pace cardio workout of the same duration. Accelerate your fitness improvements and experience how time can fly during a cardio workout when you are having fun. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.


The same mind blowing, home DVD workout in a group class setting. Prepare to be constantly challenged in this extreme fitness class that will take you through long bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short breaks. This class will leave you breathless, sweaty and feeling fabulous.


West African Rhythmic Movement which will focus on connecting with the rhythms of African drums while learning fundamental and traditional movements derived from Guinea, Mali and Senegal.


An intermediate to advanced level class that includes combinations of punching and kicking moves interspersed with high- intensity cardiovascular drills. This class will include contact drills with our boxing gloves and mitts.

Line Dance

Learn all the latest and greatest line dances in this energetic cardio class. All levels welcome.

Low Impact

This class incorporates basic and advanced movement patterns into a moderate, low-impact workout. This is a good class for all levels, intensity modifications will be demonstrated throughout the class.

Multi Impact Cardio

This class is a cardio workout that offers both basic and advanced movement patterns. Segments may focus on endurance, plyometrics, and aerobic segments- such as step, kickboxing, hi/low, and sports moves.

Sports Low Impact

This class incorporates the same basic movements as the Low Impact class with a more challenging, more athletic element.


Class choreography builds on basic step patterns and movements adding increasing complexity with quick transitions and larger patterns on the step.

Step & Core

Step & Core is an intense interval style class. Alternating between basic step intervals and core work. In this 45 minutes you will get your heart pumping and your core on fire! Minimal equipment may be used during the core segments.

Step Express

Step Express is a shorter Step class lasting 45 minutes.


This high energy class incorporates incline and speed intervals to boost your cardiovascular fitness. The class will meet on the exercise floor and will utilize various pieces of cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, precors and bikes. For all fitness levels.


A high-energy treadmill class that incorporates incline and speed intervals to boost your cardiovascular fitness. For all fitness levels.


Through a fusion of Latin and international music, Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training to maximize caloric output, fat-burning and total-body toning. Zumba combines high-energy music with unique moves and combinations that allows class participants to dance away their worries.

Zumba Gold

This Zumba class is done at low intensity and can be modified to be done in a chair.

Zumba Step

Tone and strengthen glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines and Step aerobics. Zumba Step combines the dance moves of Zumba with the choreography of Step.

Zumba Senato

This class uses explosive chair-based choreography that will strengthen, balance and stabilize the core, and step up cardio work in a whole new way. The class includes Zumba steps while students learn to use a chair and their own body weight to enhance muscle strength, improve definition and endurance, and tone their physique.


Barre Fusion

Barre Fusion incorporates a series of movement designed to create strength, flexibility and a balanced body. It is based on elements of Pilates, Ballet, and Athletic Conditioning. No dance experience necessary.

Beginner TRX

Beginner TRX incorporates the basic movements of TRX at a slower pace. Safety, modifications and fundamentals will be stressed throughout this class. Fee based class.


This workout strengthens and firms your abdominal muscles and lower back while also practicing balance and improving stability.

Core Barre

Core Barre is a system of movement designed to create strength, flexibility and a balanced body. It is based on elements of Pilates, Ballet, and Athletic Conditioning and consists of high energy, low impact and fat burning exercises.

Core and More

All core using low impact moves to challenge the front, side, and back as you work to build your powerhouse core.


This program offers a new focus on flexibility and strength for the total body. Develop an enhanced awareness of muscle function and control as you consciously move your body through a precise series of non-impact exercises.

Pilates Strength Fusion

This class will incorporate Pilates and functional strength moves. Stretch, strengthen and improve your overall muscular balance by focusing on core strength and stability.

Rep Reebok

Add some serious muscle to your workout with Rep Reebok. This class is full of variety, with a unique use of choreography and free weights, plate-loaded bars and dumbbells to increase muscular strength and endurance. Your instructor will help you determine an appropriate weight load to ensure that you are progressing as well as monitor your form to keep you safe. Each version runs for approximately 8-10 weeks before the class choreography changes.

Sit and Be Fit

This 45 minute chair-based class focuses on strengthening and stretching all major muscle groups, while safely elevating your heart rate to promote cardiovascular health. You will be led through a variety of exercises designed to improve muscular strength, range of movement and activity for daily living skills. Sit and Be Fit is a fun, constructive, and most importantly, safe way to exercise right from the seat of your pants!

Starter Strength

This class is for those new to group exercise strength conditioning classes and is perfect for the new exerciser and senior.

Tabata Core

This class incorporates Tabata concepts to bring your core training to the next level. The term Tabata is based on a 20-second workload followed by a 10-second recovery, repeated 8 times. These 4-minute intervals contain simple, yet intense, movements. If you love a challenge, then you’ll love Tabata Core!

Total Strength

This class will train both muscular strength and endurance. Your instructor will help you determine an appropriate weight load to ensure that you are progressing safely and will guide you through a warm up, strength and stretch series that will leave you feeling strong.


TRX is small group functional training that is fee-based. It is a high intensity strength workout that uses all body weight based exercises to add an element of instability that demands greater joint stabilization, core strength and muscle endurance. Although exercises can be modified for all fitness levels, this is an intense workout and appropriate for those who have been exercising regularly.


Chair Yoga

Focus of class is on relaxation, stretching and breathing. All poses are done in a chair to accommodate injuries and balance concerns.

Sunrise Stretch

Start your morning off right with a full body static stretch class that includes all the major muscle groups, breathing and body awareness. Perfect preparation for your active day.

Stretch and Relax

Based on techniques used by dancers and athletes, you’ll learn how to properly and safely stretch your muscles. Increase your range of motion to improve the quality of your daily life. This class is done entirely on the floor and is appropriate for anyone who can lie down. Come enjoy learning how to truly relax.

Yoga Flow

Yoga for the fitness enthusiast! This fast paced class is designed to add strength and a broad range of flexibility, utilizing postures adapted from Hatha Yoga. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Stretch

The focus of this class is relaxation, deep stretching and breathing. Incorporating the same principles of traditional Hatha Yoga, the poses used are meant to relax and calm the body and are easily modified to accommodate the participant who may experience physical limitations due to injury, fitness level and age.



This versatile class is designed to provide a total-body cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training class all in one. The class may contain the following components: Step, Low Impact, Kickboxing, Body Shaping and Flexibility. Strength Circuit class had mostly weight drills mixed with simple, yet difficult cardiovascular exercises.

Core, Balance and Stretch

This workout strengthens and firms your abdominal muscles and lower back while practicing balance and improving stability. Stretching is included throughout each movement. Equipment may include stability balls and foam rollers.

Cycle Circuit

Cycle Circuit will move from the bike, track and TRX for a full body workout!

Cycle and Core

A 45-minute ride followed by 30-minutes of a core workout.

Cycle Express

Cycle Express is a shortened, 45 minute Cycling class.

Cycle and Stretch

This class consists of a shortened cycle class that is followed by deep stretching, muscle release, joint mobility techniques, and relaxation.

Fit Camp

This cross training series will take your workout to the next level and will include plyometrics, weight training, and functional fitness. All fitness levels welcome- modifications always shown.


Incorporating intervals of cardiovascular exercises alternated with dynamic muscular strength exercises utilizing a variety of weight equipment, bands and your body weight. No class is ever the same. Your body will love the variety!

Kick-Butt and Guts

This is an interval based class where the cardio portions will be kickboxing and the strength intervals will focus on the lower body and core.

Low and Sculpt

This class is designed to provide cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training all in one. This 75-minute or 60-min class contains low-impact aerobics, enabling you to work on flexibility while also focusing on body shaping. Low portion is occasionally supplemented by Kickboxing Aerobics.


NIA Technique

Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA), a Body-Mind-Spirit Fitness Program that is a fusion of several forms: Martial Arts, Jazz and Modern Dance, and the Healing Arts set to an eclectic mix of music. NIA integrates these movements to deliver an effective cardiovascular aerobic workout with muscle conditioning, increased flexibility and balance. Designed for all ages and levels of fitness.


PiYo™ is a unique class designed to build strength and gain flexibility using Pilates and Yoga practice as a base. If you love core conditioning and strength training - this class is for you!

PiYo Strength

PiYo™ Strength follows the same arrangement as a PiYo™ class, but it incorporates more complex and dynamic movements.

Pilates Yoga Fusion

This class focuses on lengthening the body and strengthening the core while eliciting the meditational and flexibility benefit of yoga.

Sports Conditioning

This class consists of sport-specific circuit training. We combine basic aerobic movements with total body conditioning to yield a workout that is easy to follow and can be modified to your desired intensity level.

Total Body Conditioning

Combines cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with an efficient, full body workout! A variety of equipment will be used, so each class will offer a unique experience.

Zumba and Core

Zumba and Core adds a 15 minute core workout to the Zumba class.


H2O Fitness

A great class for aerobic training and body toning since water offers 12-times the resistance of air! All levels are welcome. Your intensity level can be determined by your effort but the impact level in the water is always minimal.


Hop into the water and train using Tabata interval training. This protocol is a series of 4-minute exercise sequences. Each sequence is broken into eight 20/10 intervals (20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest). Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss, or improved cardiovascular fitness, this class will provide what you are looking for.

H2O Dance Fusion

A fusion of dance based choreography and traditional water aerobic exercises. Excellent for all fitness levels and abilities.

Aqua Zumba

Modifies all Zumba based moves to a high energy, fun water aerobics class.

H2O Circuit

Cardio and strength water exercises in timed circuits! This class allows you to move at your own pace.

H2O Yoga

Deep Yoga stretches made more effective with the use of warm water. This class is perfect for those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia or limited mobility.

H2O Range of Motion

You will move through a series of exercises and stretches that will assist you in regaining or maintaining joint range- of- motion and flexibility. This class is perfect for those with joint or muscular discomfort as a result of arthritis, fibromyalgia or injury.

H2O Range of Motion Dance Moves

Range of Motion Dance moves is a series of dance inspired exercises that assist you in regaining or maintaining joint range- of- motion and flexibility.

Water Polo

2 teams + 2 goalies + 1 ball = Lots of fun and a great workout. On the last Monday of each month, experience competitive noodle water polo competitions. All fitness levels welcome. Each team works together to score a goal in the opposite team’s “net”. You determine how much you participate and how hard you work during this friendly competitive event.

Water Blast

Improve your overall strength and flexibility in a challenging athletic water workout. Water Blast combines resistance and cardio training. No swimming experience necessary.

Water Walking

This minimum-impact water workout utilizes both upper and lower body muscle groups to challenge you at various intensity levels. The entire lap pool is used to create the current and force necessary to provide appropriate resistance. Water sneakers are recommended.

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