Corporate and Community Outreach Services

Rex Wellness Centers offers on-site screenings, assessments, enrichment and educational programs to encourage healthy lifestyles among your employees.

Explore our offerings below and contact Anneke Hill at (919) 784-1375 or via email, for more information or to schedule a service.

Health and Wellness Screenings & Assessments

Health and Wellness Screenings and Assessments are an effective way to determine the specific needs of your employee population for education and prevention programs.

  • Health Risk Assessment Package - This package provides participants with a biometric screening and on-site coaching regarding personal areas of risk with suggestions for improvement. A more detailed individual health report will be available to each participant upon completion of the on-line health risk assessment.

    The company will also receive a summary report comparing their company to U.S. norms, prioritizing risks and making suggestions for improvement.

    Cost: $36 per person

    The following screenings are included in this package:
      • Full Lipid Panel & Blood Glucose: Fasting finger stick with results in 5 minutes. Results include total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and glucose readings.
      • Height, Weight, Waist Circumference
      • Blood Pressure


A-la-carte Screenings:

  • Cholesterol/Blood Glucose Screening - Finger stick with results in 2 minutes. Results include Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Ratio, Triglycerides and Glucose. Cost: $21 per person.
  • Blood Pressure - Cost: $1 per person.
  • Waist Circumference, Weight & BMI - Cost: $5 per person.
  • Metabolic Testing (MedGem™) - Measures the number of calories you burn per day while your body is at rest, using a hand-held indirect calorimeter. Fasting is required. Cost: $50 per person.

Health & Wellness Enrichment

  • The Healthy Way Program - The Healthy Way is a nationally award-winning program, designed to help participants change their lifestyle by modifying eating, exercise habits and other behaviors. This 12-week program is offered to your employees on-site and is facilitated by a registered dietitian and wellness instructor. Each week, participants will enjoy interactive and informative classes on a variety of topics that will inspire them to meet wellness goals. Pre- and post-program biometric screenings and health risk assessments are included in the program. Wellness center membership not included. Minimum of 8 participants are required. Cost: $190 per person. 
  • Ask the Dietitian Booth - Staff your health fair booth with one of our registered dietitians. Healthy eating tips, recipes and education on chronic disease management and obesity prevention through diet will be provided. Other educational materials may also be provided upon request. Cost: $50 per hour.
  • Chair Massage - Enjoy relaxation and relief from chronic muscle pain as well as help with lowering your blood pressure. Cost: $75 per hour.
  • Private Nutrition Counseling - Meet with a registered dietitian for a private session to discuss your nutritional concerns. Whether you’re interested in weight loss, improving a medical condition with diet, or just want to know more about healthy eating, we’ll develop and individualized plan for you. These appointments may be covered by insurance plans. Please contact your plan administrator to verify benefits prior to this service. Cost: $70 per person.


These informative gatherings provide information on a variety of wellness topics. All presentations are customized to meet the specific needs of your corporate population. Presentations about Rex Wellness Centers’ programs and memberships are complimentary.

Sample educational topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Eating on the Run
  • Meal Planning
  • Nutrition 101
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour
  • Nutrition Facts & Myths
  • Surviving the Holiday Eating Season
  • Eating on a Budget
  • Exercise 101
  • Stretching Tips
  • Exercising for Weight Loss
  • Exercising at Work or at Home
  • Interactive Exercise Demonstrations (Various)
  • Stress Management
  • Blood Pressure Basics
  • Understanding Cholesterol
  • Setting SMART Goals

Educational presentations are provided at the following rates:

  • 30-minutes: $75
  • One hour: $100
  • 1 ½ hours: $150
  • Two hours: $175
  • 3-hour workshop: $250

American Heart Association Certification Classes

  • CPR for Family and Friends - This class teaches rescue skills in CPR and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction. During this course, you will receive valuable information about the AHA Chain of Survival, signs of a heart attack, stroke and choking. You will also learn about ways to avoid sudden infant death syndrome and some of the most common fatal injuries in infants and children. Participants will receive a course completion card, not the AHA certification card. Cost: $50 per person.
  • Basic Life Saving (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider - This course is designed to teach the skills of CPR for victims of all ages, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction. It is intended for participants who provide health care to patients in a wide variety of settings. Participants will receive an American Heart Association certification card. Cost: $70 per person.
  • The Heartsaver AED - Teaches lay rescuers how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies, including cardiac arrest and choking. Students learn how to recognize the warning signs of heart attack and stroke in adults with breathing difficulties in children. Hands-on AED instruction is included. Participants will receive an American Heart Association certification card. Cost: $70 per person.

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