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Safety and Security

The safety and security of you and your new baby are of utmost concern to us. Rex Healthcare offers patients and their families the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

A uniformed security officer is stationed outside of maternity areas at Rex to monitor visitors. All visitors must register upon arrival at the maternity units and wear identification badges at all times. All Rex staff members are required to wear photo ID badges while on duty. At Rex, we issue identical ID bracelets to baby, mom and her partner and will check and match these bracelets each time your baby is transported from the nursery.

Hand scanners have been added at the nursery and maternity entrances for added security. Newborns may not leave maternity areas without being escorted by a Rex staff member and must be transported in a bassinet. These measures are taken for your baby's safety. If at any time you feel uncertain or uncomfortable, notify your nurse immediately.