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Success Stories at Rex Wellness Center


Lyle's Wellness Success Story


Lyle joined Rex Wellness Center of Wakefield in November of 2009. When Lyle started his journey to wellness he weighed over 500 lbs! His physician told him he needed to shed pounds and do it quickly. Lyle had to make some major changes and realized he could accomplish them through diet and exercise. He adopted the philosophy of "Doing Better." His goal was to do better than he had the day before, the week before, and the meal before. Lyle has lost over half his starting weight and is proud to say he is "half the man he used to be!" Congratulations, Lyle, we are so proud of you and your wellness achievements!

Heather's Wellness Success Story


Heather, a dedicated Rex Wellness member since January 2010, set an initial goal to become healthier so she could participate in some adventurous backpacking. She regularly attended classes that made all the difference: TRX and Boot Camp. Every time she comes in to the facility to work out she said the staff keeps her motivated with regular encouragement and by challenging her with new work outs. "They know my name and it's like I have my own personal cheerleaders!" Heather said the key for her continued success is setting small goals and rewarding herself when she reaches them. She thinks about the progress she has made (over 100 lbs. of weight loss!) when she needs a boost. When people ask me how I've made so much progress - I have three words for them - Body by Rex!

Cindy's Wellness Success Story


Cindy joined Rex Wellness Centers at the age of 35. For the first year, she worked out sporadically, not seriously. She had never exercised and didn't think there was anything she'd enjoy about it. After some convincing, she enrolled in the Healthy Way program. She was determined that she could make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle, while still enjoying her food and having fun. By the end of the 12-week program, Cindy had lost 25 pounds. Eight months after the program ended, through continued practice of what she'd learned in class, Cindy had lost 60 pounds! She is proud to say that she has maintained her weight loss through doing exercise she loves - cycling - and making better food choices. She knows it will always be a work in progress, but she's confident she now has the tools to adapt!

Mary's Wellness Success Story


Mary, a long time member of Rex Wellness Center of Garner, credits her success to being an "exercise groupie" after training alone for years. In addition to running, she regularly attends Trekking, Cycling, Zumba, Rep Reebok and Body Shaping. She loves the group exercise classes, not only for the awesome workouts, but for the motivation from the instructors. When she hits an exercise slump, Mary takes time to look back at her accomplishments and recreates the joy and pride she felt while achieving them. Mary has set a remarkable personal goal of completing one 8k, seven 5k's and five triathlons (three super sprints and two sprints) in one year. Congratulations Mary!

Archie's Wellness Success Story


Archie first came to Rex Wellness Center of Raleigh for Cardiac Rehab in 1999. Since then he has made huge advances in health and wellness. He participated in Healthy Way in 2004 and still tracks his nutrition to this day. Archie enjoys taking the Cycling classes with his wife and also participates in swimming classes, and TRX. Archie's daily motivators are the concerned instructors and staff who encourage him, think of his health first and performance second, and his classmates at Rex Wellness Center of Raleigh. "They are friendly, helpful, and non judgmental." The steady improvements in overall health and endurance motivate Archie. Being active for Archie is "fun" and will allow him to continue to enjoy his two grandchildren.

James' Wellness Success Story


James, a member of Rex Wellness Center of Garner, has made life changing achievements through regular exercise. Not long ago, his physician told him that he was close to having a heart attack. Since then, James began treadmill walking and with the help of the wellness center staff, he is now running! James participates in both 5k and 10k races and recently placed 4th in his age division in a 10k competition. The Trekking class is encouraging him to do a triathlon. As a result of his commitment to exercise, James won a weight loss competition at work and no longer needs diabetic medication. Way to go James!

Juan's Wellness Success Story

Want to Lose Weight? Don't Diet. - Juan's Story

For more than two years, Juan struggled with medical issues that left both his wife and him stressed, exhausted and often sick. In January 2011, after yet another round of medical issues, Juan knew he needed to make a life¬style change. He joined the Rex Wellness Center in Garner at the end of January after seeing an online advertisement for a program called The Healthy Way. Read entire article...