About the Foundation

Who We Are

As a private, not-for-profit organization, Rex Healthcare does not receive city, county or state funding. Instead, beyond clinical revenues, we rely on gifts from friends and neighbors to help us maintain the highest level of care as we address the health needs of our rapidly growing region.

Thanks to the generosity of our friends, neighbors and co-workers, the Rex Healthcare Foundation raised $1.85 million to support essential programs and services at Rex during fiscal year 2011. Gifts of all sizes go a long way toward helping dedicated Rex co-workers provide outstanding, compassionate care for the citizens of Wake County and beyond.

Learn more about us in our quarterly newsletter, Inspire.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to be the healthcare charitable partner of choice for the people of Wake and surrounding counties.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities for our community to invest resources in the excellent work of Rex Healthcare. The core activities through which the foundation fulfills this mission include:

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Program development
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Donor engagement

 Our Values

  • Advancing the mission of Rex Healthcare
  • Actively securing needed resources
  • Honoring the intent of the donor
  • Recognizing donors and supporters
  • Safeguarding the public trust
  • Listening to and advocating for our patients
  • Supporting compassionate, patient-centered care
  • Addressing the needs of the hospital
  • Fostering collaborative relationships
  • Supporting quality initiatives and optimal patient outcomes

A Little History...

"Mr. Rex was one of those unobtrusive, modest men who pursue, undisturbed, the even tenor of their way, content with discharging the duty they owe to society and studiously avoiding public notoriety."
                      -- From the Raleigh Register, February 1839

In 1894, Raleigh tanner John Rex made several bequests to found Rex Hospital. Rex's last will and testament directed, "I give and bequeath... all money belonging to me, all the debts due to me and all of the rest and residue of my estate... to provide a comfortable retreat for the sick and afflicted poor belonging to the city of Raleigh in which they may have the benefit of skillful medical aid and proper attention."

Rex Healthcare has grown from a staff of seven working in the converted home of former Governor Charles Manly to the leader in health care for Wake County and surrounding communities.

The bequest made by John Rex for a hospital in his adopted city was one of the first instances in North Carolina where an individual took steps to provide for the less fortunate. John Rex's dreams of a hospital became a reality. Through his provision, the health needs of his community could be adequately met for the first time.

Such phenomenal growth would not have been possible without a continuation of John Rex's legacy of giving. In 1958, a group of civic-minded citizens created the non-profit Rex Healthcare Foundation to further Rex's vision with funding to support the initiatives of Rex Healthcare in the community. Over the years, Rex Hospital and its patients have benefitted from millions of dollars provided by the Rex Healthcare Foundation as well as from the caring service of its donors and volunteers.

Today the Rex Healthcare Foundation supports co-workers, patients and our community. In addition to individual and corporate gifts, signature fundraising events such as The Rex Gala and The Rex Hospital Open sustain the excellent work at Rex.

FYI: Same name, different mission

People sometimes confuse Rex Healthcare and the Rex Healthcare Foundation with the John Rex Endowment. While our namesake is the same, and we do share a commitment to the health of the people of Wake County, these are two completely separate organizations with different missions, offices and leadership.

Meet Our Staff

Sylvia Hackett
Sylvia Hackett
Vice President,
Rex Healthcare Foundation
(919) 784-2242
Amy Daniels
Amy Daniels
Executive Director,
Rex Healthcare Foundation
(919) 784-4434
Katherine Stokes
Katherine Stokes
Director, Major Gifts
& Special Campaigns
(919) 784-4475
Carson Gilbert
Carson Gilbert
Director, Corporate &
Foundation Giving
(919) 784-4718
Angela Harris
Angela Brunson Harris
Development Officer
(919) 784-4443
Allison Strickland
Allison Strickland
Development Officer
(919) 784-4552
Kenneth Zeitler, M.D.
Kenneth Zeitler, M.D.
Development Officer
(919) 784-7689

Ginger Duncan
Ginger Duncan
Administrative Coordinator
(919) 784-4424