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Barcoding Identification

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Leadership Survey places a high priority on the use of barcoding technology in healthcare settings. Currently, Rex uses barcoding for specimen identification in conjunction with Positive Patient Identification (PPID). This system improves patient safety and reduces medical errors.

When patients check in at surgery registration, they receive a unique bar-coded bracelet as identification. During surgery, as lab samples are taken, the patient code is scanned and the specimen bottle label are scanned for a match. If matched, the specimen is transferred to the lab. If not matched, an error has likely occurred (for example: another patient's label was applied in error), so the process must be repeated with the correct label, and the match occurs.

This process ensures the correct specimen is connected to the correct patient. The pathology lab can be assured the specimen for diagnosis is correctly assigned to the correct patient, increasing our quality and service to patients, and eliminating human error and pitfalls of a time-sensitive environment.