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Child Swim Lessons

Parent & Tot This fun class provides parents and their infants/tots a friendly water experience. Safety skills in and around the pool are stressed while children explore the water, learn buoyancy, simple strokes, floating and kicking skills. Swim diapers are required if your child is not potty-trained. This class is available for children ages 6 months to 3 years. Cost is $63 for members; $77 for non-members.

Beginning Swimmer Children ages 3-6 years with little or no water experience are invited to join us for this class. Participants enjoy water exploration and confidence-building exercises in a playful environment. Safety skills, floating, kicking, stroke development and underwater swimming will be introduced. Parents will not be in the water. Goggles are recommended. Cost is $63 for members; $77 for non-members.

Beginner II  These children have sucessfully completed the beginner course but are not quite ready to advance to the swimmer class. Parents will not be in the water. Goggles are recommended. Cost is $63 for members; $77 for non-members.

Swimmer This class is for children ages 4-6 years with some swimming ability. Participants will learn the freestyle swim stroke with rhythmic breathing, elementary backstroke, backstroke and underwater swimming. The class will continue to learn safety skills such as treading water. Cost is $63 for members; $77 for non-members.

Private Swim Lessons Private swim lessons offer the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a certified instructor to develop and perfect your strokes. Regardless of your current ability, our instructor will help you improve in all aspects of swimming. Cost for 30-minute single session is $35 for members; $45 for non-members.

Get a Head Start!
Bring a completed swim waiver to the Wellness Center prior to the class beginning.*

*NOTE: Completing the swim waiver does not guarentee enrollment in the class. Payment is required to reserve your space in class. Please call the facility to inquire about payment options.

  • Rex Wellness of Raleigh: 919-784-1371
  • Rex Wellness of Cary: 919-387-0080
  • Rex Wellness of Garner: 919-661-6100
  • Rex Wellness of Wakefield: 919-570-1511
  • Rex Wellness of Knighdale: 919-747-5360