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Improve the Health of Our Community

If you could do one thing to keep our community's health care absolutely leading edge, what would it be?

... Would you train more nurses, stemming shortages at a time when our growing population needs them most?

... Would you equip an emergency department with vital technology so lives could be saved?

... Would you nurture the tiniest newborns with special incubators that warm and protect them?

... Or fill a grocery bag so a patient doesn't have to chose between food and medicine?

What if you could do all of these things - and more?

When you join in supporting Rex Healthcare, you can accomplish more than you might imagine.

Your tax deductable gift of $100, $75 or just $25 will go to work immediately and touch many lives. Through your generosity, the Rex Healthcare Foundation is able to support myriad programs and services at Rex Healthcare. Your donations ensure that our legacy of giving continues.

Donate Online Now! If you'd prefer to donate over the phone, call 919-783-4424.

You can also print and fill out a mail-in donation form:

Checks may be made payable to the Rex Healthcare Foundation. You can also call (919) 784-4424 or e-mail to make a pledge for a future payment.