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Financial Assistance Program

Rex Healthcare is committed to providing the best health services to everyone in the communities we serve - regardless of their ability to pay. Rex has established the Patient Financial Assistance program to provide financial assistance to our patients in need. Please carefully review criteria below:

The following areas currently accept Patient Financial Assistance:

  • Rex Hospital Inpatient and Outpatients and Emergency room services
  • Rex Express Care locations
  • Rex Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Centers of Raleigh and Apex (short term)
  • Critcal Care Transport
  • Rex Senior Health Center
  • North Carolina Heart and Vascular
  • Rex Thoracic Surgical Specialists
  • Rex Outreach Lab

Only medically necessary Rex Hospital services are eligible for charity care consideration and you must be a NC resident. 

Hospital services do not include: services provided by other physicians, radiologists, pathologists or medical professionals who may have treated the patient at Rex Hospital. Elective cosmetic and bariatric procedures are not eligible for charity care.

Hospital services include: Rex Hospital inpatient, outpatient and emergency room services, Rex Express Care locations, Rex Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Centers of Raleigh and Apex (short term only), Rex Transport, Rex Heart & Vascular Specialists, Rex Thoracic Specialists and Rex Outreach Lab.  Hospital services do not include services provided by other physicians, radiologists, pathologists or medical professionals who may have treated the patient at Rex Hospital. Elective cosmetic and bariatric procedures are not eligible for charity care. 

Uninsured Discount (does not apply for case rates, bariatric and premium lens procedures and the full rate is due at registration).

  • The program provides a 40 percent discount for most self-pay patients’ accounts. Effective 7-1-2014

Community Care Discount Program

The Community Care Discount extends discounted health care to those who may not be able to access or afford medical insurance either individually or through their employer. The program also assists insured patients who receive services that are medically necessary, but uncovered. The program provides a 40 percent discount for most self-pay patients’ accounts.

If you feel you may qualify or have any questions about financial assistance that may be available to you, please contact a UNC Health Care financial services representative at (919) 966-3425, (866) 704-5286 or visit them in our Patient Financial Services  Office located in the patient tower entrance at Rex Healthcare, 4420 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, closed. You may also email us at https://myuncchart.org/mychart/.

UNC Healthcare Systems Charitable Care Guidelines

Patients must complete a formal application for charitable care to receive medically necessary services from UNC Health Care Systems.

  • Application for charitable care will be processed when all insurance benefits and/or financial aid from third party payors, state and federal assistance programs, charitable or endowment funds have been exhausted.
  • Charitable care will be available only for medical services that are reasonable and necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury. Services that are considered cosmetic or patient convenience do not qualify for charitable care.
  • The Patient Financial Services Office will render determination of eligibility in writing.  Patients denied charitable care may appeal the decision in writing to the Financial Assistance Oversight Committee and mailed to:  200 Eastowne Drive, Chapel Hill, NC  27514.

Monthly Payment Plans (does not apply for case rates, bariatric and premium lens procedures and the full rate is due at registration)

Payment arrangements are variable, and arrangements can be reset if the amount due from the patient has grown such that the current monthly arrangements amount is no longer sufficient to satisfy the debt within the number of months required by the table.  You will need to pay your first monthly installment payment before a payment arrangement is considered valid. 

Patient Balance                          Maximum Term

Less Than $35.00                      Payment in full

$35.01 - $300.00                        $25/Month

$300.01-$900.00                        12 Months Max

$900.01-$1800.00                      18 Months Max

$1800.01-$5000.00                    36 Months Max

Greater Than $5000.01              48 Months Max

For Charity Care Program Participants

Charity Care Program participants have a new tiered scale of co-payments and will be asked to pay their co-payments at the time of service. Primary care visit co-pay will be $25 which is the same co-payment rate as Piedmont Health Services (PHS). Co-payments will also be required for specialty care ($35), emergency room ($50), ambulatory surgery ($75), diagnostic testing ($20), and inpatient admissions ($100). Our Charity Care Program provides patients with relief of most financial obligation to UNC Health Care if their income falls below 250 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Customer Service Advocates

Our professional customer service advocates assist patients in determining eligibility and obtaining available coverage from Medicaid, Medicare and other available sources of healthcare coverage.

Capital Care Collaborative

Rex Healthcare is a partner in the Capital Care Collaborative, a Wake County program designed to coordinate care for the uninsured and to get patients into the most appropriate and cost-effective venue for care.

Capital Care Collaborative

3921 Sunset Ridge, Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27607

Patient Financial Assistance

Eligibility program is as follows:

100 percent when the income is equal to or less than 250 percent of the poverty guidelines.

Forgiveness of Debt 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines Traditional Charity Care 100% of past and 6 Months Future (some exceptions apply)
% of Federal Poverty Guidelines   < = 250%
Family Size of 1 $11,670 $29,175
Family Size of 2 $15,730 $39,325
Family Size of 3 $19,790 $49,475
Family Size of 4 $23,850 $59,625
Family Size of 5 $27,910 $69,775
Family Size of 6 $31,970 $79,925
Family Size of 7 $36,030 $90,075
Family Size of 8 $40,090 $100,225
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,060 for each additional person    

UNC Health Care Systems reserves the right to amend the policies and procedures set forth on this page in its sole and absolute discretion. The existence of these policies and procedures do not create any legal right for the benefit of any person. In short, while UNC Health Care Systems remain committed to helping those in need, it must reserve its right to adapt its policies and procedures as circumstances warrant. UNC Health Care Patient Financial Services will make ultimate decisions regarding the application of these policies and procedures.