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GPS to the Heart: MediGuide

Rex Healthcare is proud to be the third hospital in the nation to offer MediGuide, a new technology that provides a safer way for patients to have heart procedures. Typically used in procedures to treat atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm irregularities, MediGuide dramatically reduces the amount of radiation received by the patient.

The current standard practice for viewing a device in the heart in real-time uses live fluoroscopy, a rapid series of x-ray images taken throughout the course of an hours-long procedure.

MediGuide incorporates GPS technology to provide a real-time location of a heart catheter — and show the path the catheter needs to follow to reach the problem area in the heart.

The technology uses electromagnetic signals to track miniature sensors embedded in MediGuide-enabled devices inside the heart. This shows the device’s location throughout the procedure. The location is then superimposed on prerecorded fluoroscopy images. Using prerecorded images instead of live x-ray during a procedure reduces a patient’s radiation exposure by 60 to 90 percent.