Meet Our Featured Donors

Joy and Michael Lashley

Often we hear that the toughest loss to endure is that of a child. Knowing firsthand that loss, Joy and Michael Lashley wanted to help other grieving parents. At the suggestion of Dr. Leon Woodruff, the Lashleys, along with their family and friends, raised $15,000 in memory of their daughter, Caroline. Through the Caroline Jean Lashley Memorial Fund, the Lashley's created a resource room in the birth center where parents can access literature to begin the path of healing.

The Lashleys went one step further and purchased three bereavement carts. These carts contain baby clothing, christening supplies, handprint and footprint kits, reading materials for parents, grandparents and siblings, as well as refreshments. These mobile carts follow the family from labor and delivery to recovery and then to their room.

"Michael and Joy have been passionate about putting into place the right resources for other families who may go through this same experience," says Kathy Stokes, director of major gifts and special campaigns at the Rex Healthcare Foundation. "Helping others has been a way to mend their own hearts while honoring Caroline's memory."

Just as the Lashley family has done, your gift can provide comfort and hope to other families at Rex in a meaningful way.


Claudia Hepburn

Claudia Hepburn has been touched by cancer as both a daughter and a nurse. Now, she plans to further her passion thanks to a recent donation she made to the Rex Healthcare Foundation.

Claudia has been an oncology nurse for 27 years and has been at Rex for the last five. Not long ago, her father was diagnosed with Lymphoma and was treated at Rex Cancer Center by Dr. Kenneth Zeitler. His defeat over cancer and the care he received at Rex made her proud of a place where cancer patients receive excellent care, all of the time.

Claudia now oversees an oral chemotherapy program at Rex. This program allows nurses to monitor patients who take their chemotherapy drugs orally at home, allowing them to only visit Rex for physician or nurse visits. This program is unique to Rex and unusual for a hospital, "Working at Rex allows me to implement the latest and greatest chemotherapy regiments in a smaller community and warm environment," Claudia says.

Claudia spoke at a conference in Las Vegas about her work with the oral chemotherapy at Rex. For her speaking efforts, she received an honorarium which she chose to donate to the Rex Healthcare Foundation.

"I see that the Foundation has the ability to meet needs quickly in the Cancer Center," says Claudia. "My donation will aid in the education of all nurses here at Rex, allowing them to attend conferences and classes to expand their knowledge to provide even better patient care."

Like Claudia, your donation will make an impact on nursing at Rex.

Julia Taber, M.D.

Julia Taber, M.D. is a radiologist with Raleigh Radiology: ""I have been involved in several volunteer experiences, ranging from helping elementary school children learn to read, to serving as a cub scout leader for my son's scout den, to caring for patients at the Open Door Medical Clinic in Durham. I have enjoyed these experiences because I have been able to help provide a positive experience for these students, scouts and patients; and I have benefited from these interactions as well."

"I give to charity because I have been very fortunate in my life and career. Hopefully these gifts affect others lives in a positive way, making life easier for those who have not been as fortunate as I have been. I give to Rex Hospital because I think Rex does a great job of being committed to helping the community in various ways and I would like to support that commitment. Working at such a hospital is a privilege, and I would like to help Rex remain a positive force in the community in which I live and work."

As Dr. Taber shared, your gift reflects a commitment to our community. 


Jacqueline Murphy, R.N.

Jacqueline's story:

"May I take a moment to tell you how much supporting Rex Healthcare can mean?

You see, for some time, I have dreamed of becoming a nursing manager at Rex. As a cardio-pulmonary nurse for 18 years, I was ready to use my skills to help even more patients. But I needed a bachelor of science in nursing to do that. And my family couldn't afford for me to go back to school.

That's when the foundation stepped in with a scholarship. Now, after a full day's work, when my husband and I put our three children to bed and I open my books, I say a small prayer of thanks for people like you who have made this opportunity possible.

I hope you'll consider sending a gift today. Everything Rex Healthcare Foundation funds, from innovative equipment to patient education to nursing scholarships, improves the health of our community.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, I can help more patients than ever."

--Jacqueline Murphy, R.N.
  2011 Nursing Excellence Award recipient


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