Mo's Story

Morning, after morning, after morning of pains and suffering I felt that I would be sick forever. Until one night the pain was just unbearable. That was the night I went to the Rex emergency room to get to the bottom of my pain.

The nurses and doctors where so quick to find my cure. The problem was my ovaries; I had a a dermoid cyst on my ovary. No less than two days later I was being prepped for surgery. Dr Inge was performing surgery to have my ovary removed using the da Vinci® surgical robot.

With minimal pain and fast recovery I was back on my feet walking around the day after. Within less than I week I was back on the court playing volleyball. I am so thankful to all the staff at Rex for all the support and hard work to get me healthy and back on my feet again.

--Moriah "Mo" Yarboro


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