Patient Stories... inspiring us every day in our commitment to excellence

Jen's Story

After Jen delivered her 10lb son Jay, everything seemed perfect. When he was having trouble nursing, however, Maternity RN and IBCLC Moira Griffin noticed that Baby Jay was having difficulty breathing. At 5 days old, Jay had open heart surgery. Thanks to Moira's attentive care, he is a healthy and happy five-year-old.... Learn more

Arla's Story

When Arla could not bend over to tie her shoes without getting out of breath, she knew she needed to re-gain control of her health and her life. Since becoming a Bariatric patient at Rex, Arla has lost over 124 pounds, has gained good health back, and has become an avid runner.... Learn more

Karash's Story

When his weight crept up to over 300 pounds and the health problems that accompanied his weight, Karash knew he needed to make a change. His journey through the Rex Bariatric program has helped him know "freedom," and he continues his journey to be healthy every day.... Learn more

Jennifer N.'s Story

My name is Jennifer Nicely and I am an athlete. Most of all, I am a rock-climber. In 2012, I almost lost my arm. Unfortunately, what happened to me on this night can be considered nothing short of a freak accident....

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John E.'s Story

My name is John Edens and I live in Laurinburg, North Carolina. My story starts in 2004, just before I had heart bypass surgery. Eight years later I danced with my granddaughter at her wedding in Boston. But I may have never made it there without the help of an incredible new procedure called TAVR at Rex... Learn more

Laura's Story

One week after her 42nd birthday, Laura found a lump in her right breast and was diagnosed with stage IIIA breast cancer. With a lot of faith and quality care from Rex, she came out on the other side a survivor... Learn more

Mo's Story

Mo is a budding volleyball player at NC State who was thrown a major curve ball when an ovarian cyst was discovered last year... Learn more

Donald's Story

Donald Merritt is a diabetic who lost his right leg below the knee from circulation complications. Hear his amazing story of how his left leg was saved from the same fate... Learn more

Lenora's Story

Breast cancer never entered Lenora Woods' mind...until she got the results of her mammogram from the Rex Mobile Unit... Learn more

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer Thomas shares her inspirational story about a leg infection that could have cost her a limb and her life... Learn more

Joy's Story

Joy woke up with heart pain in the middle of the night and recalls her inspiring story of how the Rex nurses & physicians saved her life... Learn more

John K.'s Story

Overall, John Kavanagh felt pretty good but in the back of his mind, he knew something wasn't right... Learn more

Polly's Story

Polly and Ronnie are a couple that went through Bariatric Surgery--together. Listen to their story of strength, support and success... Learn More

Ronnie's Story

Polly and Ronnie are a couple that went through Bariatric Surgery--together. Listen to their story of strength, support and success... Learn more

Kelly's Story

At age 29, Kelly has a unique perspective on life that she's convinced she wouldn't have gotten until much later in life, had it not been for her breast cancer journey at Rex... Learn More

Carol's Story

Carol inspires us when she talks about the role that compassionate care and treatment played in her successfull battle with breast cancer... ...Twice. Learn more

John M.'s Story

"We found some cancer." John will never forget the call when his doctor delivered that message. He was about to make a choice that may have saved his life... Learn more

Jo's Story

In June 2010 our lives were forever changed. I was almost 18 weeks pregnant with our first child when we were given a devastating diagnosis... Learn more