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Rex Healthcare Guild: Visionary Volunteers

75 Years of Spirited Women Volunteers Serving Excellence to Rex and Our Community

A true testament to Rex Hospital's excellence in our community is its longstanding relationship with the many volunteers involved at the hospital. One outstanding group of volunteers will be celebrating their 75th anniversary of service to Rex Hospital. The Rex Healthcare Guild, a group comprised of civic-minded and spirited women, helps support the mission of Rex Hospital financially through their excellent volunteerism and forward vision.

Their commitment to Rex Hospital dates back to 1936. The Guild has provided funds and supplies, on both a large and small scale, with profound benefit to our community and also to the talented employees. Since 1936, the Rex Guild has evolved from a handful of physicians' wives to more than 1,200 humble and dedicated volunteers.

Throughout the years, additional state-of-the-art equipment has been introduced to Wake County through the Guild's help. For example, an Eclipse Laser was purchased in 1992 for $139,000. At the time, Rex was one of only seven hospitals in the country to have this machine - and there was not another one within a 500 mile radius of Raleigh.

One of the Guild's more notable projects is their initial investment of $14,000 to open the hospital gift shop in the early 1980s. Today, the proceeds from the Korner Gift Shop are the Guild's largest fundraiser, with all funds returned back to Rex Healthcare to support staff, patients and their families. In more recent years, the Guild provided $10,000 to fund an upgrade for hearing screening monitors and also $100,000 to support the Palliative Care Program.

Many other notable contributions from the Guild include the Pharmacy Fund, which provides needy patients with proper medications and supplies when discharged. They also fund educational opportunities for Nursing Assistants' training and a Nurse Appreciation Seminar with lunch and a guest speaker.

In 2012, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Rex Guild and its many years of excellent service to Rex and our community. We honor these volunteers as they constantly show improvements and dedication to their mission to render assistance. Whether it's a teddy bear on Christmas Eve, a kind word, or access to a life-changing medical device, the work of the Rex Guild has benefited thousands of patients in 75 years through their unwavering passion for service and excellence. As former Raleigh Mayor Avery C. Upchurch noted on their 50th anniversary, the Guild volunteers are a "cornerstone of the community". These individuals of the Rex Guild are a driving force for this hospital, helping it to uphold its standards, "chosen for excellence". We value these volunteers with the utmost esteem in making our organization a home for consumers, devoted support, beauty and a personal approach to patient care.

To learn more about the Rex Guild, please contact the Volunteer Services Office at (919) 784-3165 or email a coordinator at Volunteer.Services@rexhealth.com.

Rex Healthcare Guild
(919) 784-3165