UNC REX Hospital Directory

Don't know where to start? Here's a list of the most frequently called numbers at UNC REX Healthcare to help you find the department you're looking for.

For the Wellness Centers and Specialty Practices outside of the main hospital campus, use our Location Directory. The Location Directory will allow you to find a specific office, including the address, map, directions and contact information.

Main Hospital

Hospital Main Number and Patient Information 919-784-3100
Admissions 919-784-3176
Blood Services (Donor Appointments) 919-784-4750
Breast Care Center 919-784-3042
Cancer Center 919-784-3105
Emergency Department 919-784-1615
Gift Shop 919-784-2138
Heart & Vascular Center 919-784-3278
Heartburn Center 919-784-2876
Home Services 919-784-4474
Human Resources 919-784-3169
Laboratory (Hospital) 919-784-6000
Marketing and Public Relations 919-784-4550
Medical Records 919-784-3158
REX Pharmacy of Raleigh 919-784-3242
Pain Management Center 919-784-3402
Pastoral Care 919-784-3371
Patient Accounting 866-687-7674
Physical Therapy 919-784-4696
Radiology Scheduling 919-784-3419
Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center (Apex) 919-363-6011
Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center (Raleigh) 919-784-6600
REX Sleep Disorders Center 919-784-1465
Wound Healing Center (Raleigh) 919-784-2580
Wound Healing center (Knightdale) 919-747-5300

Breast Care Centers

REX Breast Care Center of Holly Springs 919-784-6186
REX Breast Care Center of Raleigh 919-784-6186
REX Mammography Services of Cary 919-387-3230
REX Mammography Services of Knightdale 919-747-5250
REX Mammography Services of Wakefield 919-570-7600


Rex Hospital Outpatient Laboratory (Hospital) 919-784-6000
REX Healthcare of Cary Laboratory 919-387-3240
REX Laboratory Services of Garner 919-250-5150
REX Laboratory of Holly Springs 919-567-6210
REX Healthcare of Knightdale Laboratory 919-747-5240
REX Healthcare of Wakefield Laboratory 919-570-7640

Primary Care

REX Family Practice of Knightdale 919-747-5270
REX/UNC Family Practice of Panther Creek 919-481-4997
REX Family Practice of Wakefield 919-570-7700
REX Pediatrics of Cary 919-387-3160
REX Pediatrics of Holly Springs 919-567-6160
REX Primary Care of Cary 919-387-3176
REX Primary Care of Holly Springs 919-552-8911
REX Senior Health Center 919-832-2400

Specialty Practices

North Carolina Heart & Vascular
Cary 919-387-3260
Clayton 919-359-0322
Clinton 919-231-8253
Garner 919-250-2260
Goldsboro 919-734-0033
Knightdale 919-573-1220
Lillington 910-814-3201
Louisburg 919-496-3909
Raleigh (Blue Ridge Road) 919-787-5380
Raleigh (Lake Boone Trail) 919-784-5600
Raleigh (New Bern Ave) 919-231-8253
Rocky Mount 919-321-8253
Smithfield 919-989-7909
Wakefield 919-570-7590
Wake Forest 919-570-1252
Wilson 252-243-7161
REX Bariatric Specialists 919-784-7874
REX Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialists 919-784-7110
REX ENT Specialists 919-784-7400
REX ENT Specialists at Wakefield 919-570-5900
REX Hematology Oncology Associates
REXREX Hospital 919-784-6818
Blue Ridge 919-784-6060
Cary 984-974-2150
Garner 919-250-5955
Wakefield 919-570-7550
REX Neurosurgical & Spine Specialists 919-784-1410
REX Pulmonary Specialists 919-784-5650
REX/UNC Radiation Oncology
UNC REX Hospital 919-784-3018
Clayton 919-585-8550
Smithfield 919-209-3555
Wakefield 919-570-7550
REX Surgical Specialists 919-784-7874
REX Thoracic Surgical Specialists 919-784-5650
REX Vascular Specialists 919-784-2300

Suburban Campuses

REX Healthcare of Cary 919-387-3140
REX Healthcare of Garner See Locations Page
REX Healthcare of Holly Springs 919-567-6100
REX Healthcare of Knightdale 919-747-5200
REX Healthcare at Wakefield 919-570-7500

Urgent Care

REX Express Care of Cary 919-387-3180
REX Express Care of Holly Springs 919-567-6120
REX Express Care of Knightdale 919-747-5210
REX Express Care of Raleigh 984-215-6990
REX Express Care of Wakefield 919-570-7660

Wellness Centers

REX Wellness Center of Cary 919-387-0080
REX Wellness Center of Garner 919-661-6100
REX Wellness Center of Knightdale 919-747-5360
REX Wellness Center of Raleigh 919-784-1371
REX Wellness Center of Wakefield 919-570-1511

Contact UNC REX Healthcare

To reach the hospital operator, please call 919-784-3100.

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