Our Hospitalists

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is a health care provider who manages your medical care while you are in the hospital and is dedicated exclusively to caring for hospitalized patients.

Our Hospitalist program is one of the many benefits enjoyed by UNC REX Healthcare patients. The UNC REX Hospitalist team includes doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

During your stay at UNC REX, our Hospitalists will notify your physician of admission to the hospital. They will also work to ensure that all important information regarding your hospital stay is communicated back to your physician after you’ve been discharged from the hospital.

How do I benefit from being cared for by a Hospitalist?

By focusing only on your care, we can give you the best medical care available during your stay. Our Hospitalist team:

  • Reviews your progress and makes treatment decisions right away
  • Is specially trained in hospital medicine
  • Is readily available to you
  • Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

How do I contact my Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist will visit you at least one time each day while you are in the hospital. During this visit, we are happy to answer questions from you or your family. We recommend that you, or a family member, choose a contact person to receive updates and instructions about your care from our Hospitalist team. To reach your Hospitalist during your stay, please contact your attending nurse.

While our Hospitalist team is available 24 hours a day, we take turns in shifts. This means that sometimes you may not see the same doctor each day. But don't worry- we share information about you and are committed to making sure you always receive excellent patient care.

How is my regular doctor involved in my hospital care?

We will share information with your regular doctor (also known as a primary care provider or PCP). Things we typically share with your doctor are:

  • A copy of your "admission" paper work
  • A copy of your "discharge summary" when you leave- this has a summary of your hospital stay, list of medications, home care instructions, and important test results
  • How to contact us so they can ask questions and help us manage your care

It is important that you follow up with your regular doctor once you leave the hospital.

Patient Testimonials

Two weeks ago a dear friend was admitted to your hospital. I was there with his wife when Dr. Farag came to discuss his treatment options. There were things that could be done but the end result (other than prolonging his severe agony which he'd been experiencing for nearly a year) was going to be death.

Dr. Farag had the most kind manner, carefully explaining all of this so my friend's wife could understand, and gently encouraging her to allow him to spend his final few hours as comfortably as possible.

My husband and I were blown away by how well Dr. Farag handled this situation, and the understanding and compassion he showed were remarkable and meant the world to all of us struggling with this impossible situation. He allowed her to make the right choice with confidence and without guilt. I just wanted to compliment him, and hope that should a similar situation occur for myself or my husband, that the doctor handling those making the decision could do so with that kindness and compassion.

I sincerely thank him, as do my friend's entire family. His wife has been able to accept his death and go on with grief but not overwhelming grief and guilt. Please give him my most sincere thanks for a job well done. 

-Pat K.

 [Dr.] Eugene [Ghidora] was extremely warm, calm, attentive and professional. I felt his eye contact and ability to mirror back exactly what I had said was remarkable and indicated total mindfulness and attention.

-Charles A.

Meet Your Provider

Learn more about the team who is providing care while you are a patient at UNC REX Hospital.

UNC REX Hospitalists

Patient Story: Rusty Wagstaff

Patient Rusty Wagstaff talks with hospital staff

Rusty Wagstaff was admitted to the hospital with a 105 degree fever that quickly turned into sepsis. To contain the sepsis, four of his limbs had to be amputated. Nine months later, he returned to the hospital to show the staff that he and his family had grown so close to during his first hospital stay, that he could walk again. UNC REX Hospitalist Dr. Sean Tehrani coordinated his care.

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Doctors working on computer

If you are grateful for the care you received from our Hospitalist team and wish to give a gift of some kind, please consider donating to the Hospitalist Fund through the REX Healthcare Foundation. 

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