Hospitalist Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact my hospitalist during my stay?

The best way to contact your hospitalist is through your nurse.

What time will my hospitalist see me each day?

Our hospitalists see patients in the hospital throughout the day. The timing of the visit can vary based on your medical condition and location in the hospital. Visit times can also be affected if your hospitalist has an emergency with one of their other patients.

How many times per day will my hospitalist see me?

On a routine basis, your hospitalist will see you once a day. Our hospitalists are available to address any urgent concerns 24 hours a day. The hospitalists also spend a significant amount of time reviewing your test results, planning your treatments, working with your other specialists and keeping your primary care doctor informed about your care plan.

Why might I see several hospitalists during my stay?

Hospitalists are available for urgent situations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because no one person could do this alone, they take turns in shifts. Therefore, you may see more than one hospitalist during your stay.

How can my family ask questions?

We encourage your family to be present when the hospitalist sees you so that they can ask questions. If that is not possible, family members can contact the hospitalist through your nurse. For your safety and to reduce confusion, we ask that you choose one family member to be the primary contact person for questions.

Will my primary care doctor be aware of my hospitalization?

Yes, your primary care physician will be aware of your hospitalization. As we prepare you to leave UNC REX, your hospitalist will pass on important details of your follow-up care plan to your primary care doctor. We do this so that your transition from hospital to home will be as seamless as possible.

Will I see my primary care physician in the hospital?

No. Your primary care physician has entrusted your care to our hospitalists; however, he or she will be aware of your hospitalization from the time of your arrive until the time you leave.

What should I do after I leave the hospital? 

You should make a follow up appointment with your doctor based on the specific instructions in your paperwork. It is important that you go to this follow up visit. We suggest that you sign up for My UNC Chart.

What do I do if I need refills on my medications after I leave the hospital?

The hospitalists do not rewrite prescriptions once you leave the hospital. You should contact you primary care physician or specialty care doctor for refills.

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