Published on August 18, 2017

373 UNC Health Care Physicians Named to 2017-2018 Best Doctors in America® List

Only four percent of doctors in America earn this prestigious honor

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – August 17, 2017 – Three-hundred seventy-three physicians affiliated with UNC Health Care have been peer selected to the Best Doctors in America® List for 2017-2018, officials from UNC Hospitals announced today. Approximately four percent of doctors in America earn this prestigious honor, as a result of the biennial Best Doctors Poll. Each listed physician has received peer consensus as a physician from whom other physicians would seek care, and is verified as being clinically active with an active medical license free from disqualifying disciplinary actions.

“This recognition that hundreds of UNC Health Care physicians are among the Best Doctors in America is a testament to the quality of care provided at more than 450 practices in the UNC Physicians Network, UNC Faculty Physicians, and physician practices at UNC Health Care affiliate hospitals,” said Matt Ewend, MD, FACS, President of UNC Physicians, the physician clinical enterprise of UNC Health Care. 
A selected Best Doctor doesn’t remain in the database forever. The peer-review process requires every listed physician to be re-evaluated by their peers in each poll. Best Doctors does not pay physicians to be included in the database, nor can physicians or their organizations pay Best Doctors. A physician cannot apply to become a Best Doctors physician. The only way for a physician to be selected is to be nominated by and then receive voting consensus from current Best Doctors physicians.

As a result, Best Doctors has a proprietary, global database of physicians – free from commercial and financial bias—numbering more than 50,000 in over 450 specialties and subspecialties worldwide. There are close to 40,000 Best Doctors physicians in the U.S.

Gallup® has audited and certified Best Doctors, Inc.’s database of physicians, and its companion Best Doctors in America® List, as using the highest industry standards, survey methodology and processes.

The physicians included in the Best Doctors in America® database provide the most advanced medical expertise and knowledge to patients with serious conditions – often saving lives in the process by finding the right diagnosis and right treatment.

The UNC Health Care physicians named as Best Doctors are listed in alphabetical order below, with the UNC Health Care entity where they practice in parentheses.

  1. George L. Adams (UNC REX Healthcare)
  2. Kirkwood Adams Jr. (UNC Hospitals)
  3. William T. Adamson (UNC Hospitals)
  4. Marco A. Aleman (UNC Hospitals)
  5. Joshua J. Alexander (UNC Hospitals)
  6. James C. Anderson (High Point Regional)
  7. Evan A. Ashkin (UNC Hospitals)
  8. Benjamin Atkeson (UNC REX Healthcare)
  9. James N. Atkins (Wayne UNC Health Care)
  10. Ann G. Bailey (UNC Hospitals)
  11. Kathleen K. Barnhouse (UNC Hospitals)
  12. Todd Huntley Baron (UNC Hospitals)
  13. Alfred Sidney Barritt (UNC Hospitals)
  14. Ethan Basch (UNC Hospitals)
  15. Robert A. Bashford (UNC Hospitals)
  16. David J. Berkoff (UNC Hospitals)
  17. Molly Berkoff (UNC Hospitals)
  18. Stephen A. Bernard (UNC Hospitals)
  19. Alan Beeber (UNC Hospitals)
  20. Thomas H. Belhorn (UNC Hospitals)
  21. Gregory D. Bianchi (UNC Hospitals)
  22. Julie Blatt (UNC Hospitals)
  23. John F. Boggess (UNC Hospitals)
  24. Kim Boggess (UNC Hospitals)
  25. Kristy M. Borawski (UNC Hospitals)
  26. Carl Bose (UNC Hospitals)
  27. Jeremiah C. Boles (UNC REX Healthcare)
  28. Brian H. Bowman (UNC REX Healthcare)
  29. Stephen E. Boyce (UNC REX Healthcare)
  30. Eugene M. Bozymski (UNC Hospitals)
  31. Terry Brenneman (UNC REX Healthcare)
  32. Edwin A. Brown (UNC REX Healthcare)
  33. Wendy R. Brewster (UNC Hospitals)
  34. Scott H. Buck (UNC Hospitals)
  35. Donald L. Budenz (UNC Hospitals)
  36. Timothy P. Bukowski (UNC Hospitals)
  37. Craig N. Burkhart (UNC Hospitals)
  38. Wesley Burks, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)
  39. Jan Busby-Whitehead (UNC Hospitals)
  40. John B. Buse (UNC Hospitals)
  41. Julie Story Byerley (UNC Hospitals)
  42. Donald K. Bynum, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)
  43. Ali S. Calikoglu (UNC Hospitals)
  44. Muge G. Calikoglu (UNC Hospitals)
  45. Benjamin F. Calvo (UNC Hospitals)
  46. Edmund R. Campion (UNC Hospitals)
  47. Lisa A. Carey (UNC Hospitals)
  48. Timothy Carey (UNC Hospitals)
  49. Culley C. Carson III (UNC Hospitals)
  50. Shannon S. Carson (UNC Hospitals)
  51. Michael Casey (Johnston UNC Health Care)
  52. Mauricio Castillo (UNC Hospitals)
  53. Anthony G. Charles (UNC Hospitals)
  54. H. Barrett Cheek (High Point Regional)
  55. Paul R. Chelminski (UNC Hospitals)
  56. Ronald C. Chen (UNC Hospitals)
  57. Bhishamjit S. Chera (UNC Hospitals)
  58. Nancy C. Chescheir (UNC Hospitals)
  59. Daniel L. Clarke-Pearson (UNC Hospitals)
  60. Grace Couchman (UNC REX Healthcare)
  61. Paul Coughlin (High Point Regional)
  62. David Clemmons (UNC Hospitals)
  63. Raymond D. Coakley (UNC Hospitals)
  64. Myron Cohen (UNC Hospitals)
  65. Cristin M. Colford (UNC Hospitals)
  66. Romulo Colindres (UNC Hospitals)
  67. Scott P. Commins (UNC Hospitals)
  68. R. Matthew Coward (UNC Hospitals)
  69. Sue Ellen Cox (UNC Hospitals)
  70. Steven D. Crane  (Pardee UNC Health Care)
  71. R. Alex Creighton (UNC Hospitals)
  72. Timothy P. Daaleman (UNC Hospitals)
  73. Laurence E. Dahners (UNC Hospitals)
  74. Jama Darling (UNC Hospitals)
  75. Clifford Baynes David (High Point Regional)
  76. Lee A. (Toni) Darville (UNC Hospitals)
  77. Darilyn Hedder Dealy (Pardee UNC Health Care)
  78. G. Stephen DeCherney (UNC Hospitals)
  79. Elizabeth Claire Dees (UNC Hospitals)
  80. Daniel J. Delgaizo (UNC Hospitals)
  81. Evan S. Dellon (UNC Hospitals)
  82. Steven H. Dennis (UNC REX Healthcare)
  83. Clark R. Denniston (UNC Hospitals)
  84. Randal K. Detwiler (UNC Hospitals)
  85. Luis A. Diaz (UNC Hospitals)
  86. Margaret J. Dorfman (UNC REX Healthcare)
  87. Scott H. Donaldson (UNC Hospitals)
  88. James F. Donohue (UNC Hospitals)
  89. MaryAnne Dooley (UNC Hospitals)
  90. Spencer D. Dorn (UNC Hospitals)
  91. Jean Dostou (UNC Hospitals)
  92. Amelia F. Drake (UNC Hospitals)
  93. Douglas A. Drossman (UNC Hospitals)
  94. Andrea Dunk (UNC Hospitals)
  95. Charles S. Ebert (UNC Hospitals)
  96. Warner Wells Edmundson (UNC REX Healthcare)
  97. Randy C. Efird (UNC REX Healthcare)
  98. Scott W. Elton (UNC Hospitals)
  99. Brian Kent England

100.Joseph J. Eron, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)

101.Elizabeth Estrada (UNC Hospitals)

102.Matthew G. Ewend (UNC Hospitals)

103.Ronald J. Falk (UNC Hospitals)

104.Narges Farahi (UNC Hospitals)

105.Mark Farber (UNC Hospitals)

106.Timothy Farrell (UNC Hospitals)

107.William G. Ferrell  (UNC REX Healthcare)

108.Maria E. Ferris (UNC Hospitals)

109.David Fitzgerald (High Point Regional)

110.Wesley C. Fowler, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)

111.Lynn A. Fordham (UNC Hospitals)

112.Mark S. Fradin (UNC Hospitals)

113.Earl Ruffin Franklin (UNC REX Healthcare)

114.S. Mitchell Freedman (UNC REX Healthcare)

115.Michael W. Fried (UNC Hospitals)

116.Marc A. Fritz (UNC Hospitals)

117.William K. Funkhouser, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)

118.Jeffrey Furman (UNC Hospitals)

119.Rhonda Gabr (UNC REX Healthcare)

120.Gary J. Gala (UNC Hospitals)

121.Lisa M. Gangarosa (UNC Hospitals)

122.James Cameron Garbutt (UNC Hospitals)

123.Bradley Gaynes (UNC Hospitals)

124.Anil K. Gehi (UNC Hospitals)

125.Paola Alvarez Gehrig (UNC Hospitals)

126.David A. Gerber (UNC Hospitals)

127.Keisha Gibson (UNC Hospitals)

128.Susan Glenn (UNC REX Healthcare)

129.James E. Godwin (UNC REX Healthcare)

130.David Albert Goff (UNC Hospitals)

131.Stuart Gold (UNC Hospitals)

132.William H. Goodnight III (UNC Hospitals)

133.M. Andrew Greganti (UNC Hospitals)

134.Robert S. Greenwood (UNC Hospitals)

135.Ian S. Grimm (UNC Hospitals)

136.G. Patrick Guiteras (UNC Hospitals)

137.Margaret L. Gulley (UNC Hospitals)

138.Andrew Hannapel (UNC Hospitals)

139.Laura C. Hanson (UNC Hospitals)

140.Elizabeth H. Harris (UNC Hospitals)

141.Paul H. Hayashi (UNC Hospitals)

142.Margaret Helton (UNC Hospitals)

143.David C. Henke (UNC Hospitals)

144.Marianna M. Henry (UNC Hospitals)

145.Hans Herfarth (UNC Hospitals)

146.Michelle L. Hernandez (UNC Hospitals)

147.Laura E. Heyneman (UNC Hospitals)

148.James J. Hill III (UNC Hospitals)

149.Albert R. Hinn Jr. (UNC Hospitals)

150.Gerald A. Hladik (UNC Hospitals)

151.Timothy M. Hoffman (UNC Hospitals)

152.Leroy George (Pete) Hoffman

153.James F. Howard, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)

154.Diane M. Howell (UNC Hospitals)

155.David Huang (UNC Hospitals)

156.Keith L. Hull (UNC REX Healthcare)

157.Shepard R. Hurwitz (UNC Hospitals)

158.Jack R. Inge (UNC REX Healthcare)

159.Christopher Ingram (UNC REX Healthcare)

160.Kim L. Isaacs (UNC Hospitals)

161.Thomas S. Ivester (UNC Hospitals)

162.Lisa Jackson-Moore (UNC Hospitals)

163.Lida Jeck (UNC Hospitals)

164.J. Charles Jennette (UNC Hospitals)

165.James J. Jenson (UNC Hospitals)

166.R. Lee Jobe (UNC REX Healthcare)

167.Beth L. Jonas (UNC Hospitals)

168.Ellen L. Jones (UNC Hospitals)

169.J. Dedrick Jordan (UNC Hospitals)

170.Joanne Jordan (UNC Hospitals)

171.Benny L. Joyner, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)

172.Daniel I. Kaufer (UNC Hospitals)

173.Samer S. Kasbari (Wayne UNC Health)

174.Kevin J. Kelly (UNC Hospitals)

175.Nigel S. Key (UNC Hospitals)

176.Edwin H. Kim (UNC Hospitals)

177.Hong Jin (HJ) Kim (UNC Hospitals)

178.William Y. Kim (UNC Hospitals)

179.Deepa Kirk (UNC Hospitals)

180.M. Sue Kirkman (UNC Hospitals)

181.John S. Kizer (UNC Hospitals)

182.Carol Klein (UNC Hospitals)

183.J. Larry Klein (UNC Hospitals)

184.Eric Klett (UNC Hospitals)

185.Julia S. Knerr (UNC Hospitals)

186.Michael Ray Knowles (UNC Hospitals)

187.David A. Konanc (UNC REX Healthcare)

188.Mark J. Koruda (UNC Hospitals)

189.Tomasz Kozlowski (UNC Hospitals)

190.Alan D. Kritz (UNC REX Healthcare)

191.Abhijit V. Kshirsagar (UNC Hospitals)

192.Steven Paul Kubicki (UNC REX Healthcare)

193.Eric F. Kuehn (Pardee UNC Health)

194.James E. Kurz (UNC Hospitals)

195.Kimberly Kylstra (UNC Hospitals)

196.Maria C. La Via (UNC Hospitals)

197.Michael Lancaster (UNC Hospitals)

198.Maurice B. Landers III (UNC Hospitals)

199.Matthew M. Laughon (UNC Hospitals)

200.Joseph K.T. Lee (UNC Hospitals)

201.William D. Lee (UNC REX Healthcare)

202.Margaret W. Leigh (UNC Hospitals)

203.Steven N. Lichtman (UNC Hospitals)

204.Stephen C. Lies (Wayne UNC Health)

205.Moe R. Lim (UNC Hospitals)

206.B. Anthony Lindsey (UNC Hospitals)

207.Jacob A. Lohr (UNC Hospitals)

208.Millie Long (UNC Hospitals)

209.M. Concetta Lupa (UNC Hospitals)

210.Alice D. Ma (UNC Hospitals)

211.Ryan D. Madanick (UNC Hospitals)

212.Erin Malloy (UNC Hospitals)

213.James P. Manor (UNC Hospitals)

214.Lawrence B. Marks (UNC Hospitals)

215.William A. Marston (UNC Hospitals)

216.David C. Mayer (UNC Hospitals)

217.Martin J. McCaffrey (UNC Hospitals)

218.John T. McElveen, Jr. (UNC REX Healthcare)

219.William Raymond McKenna (Pardee UNC Health)

220.Peggy P. McNaull (UNC Hospitals)

221.Kenya McNeal-Trice (UNC Hospitals)

222.Miriam Medero-Eng (UNC REX Healthcare)

223.Samantha E. Meltzer-Brody (UNC Hospitals)

224.M. Kathryn Menard (UNC Hospitals)

225.Kathy A. Merritt (UNC Hospitals)

226.Anthony A. Meyer (UNC Hospitals)

227.William R. Meyer (UNC REX Healthcare)

228.Michael O. Meyers (UNC Hospitals)

229.Brigitte E. Miller (High Point Regional)

230.Thomas M. Miller (UNC Hospitals)

231.Stephen A. Mills (High Point Regional)

232.William A. Mills, Jr.  (UNC Hospitals)

233.Matthew I. Milowsky (UNC Hospitals)

234.Stephan Moll (UNC Hospitals)

235.Alfonso John Mooney III (UNC REX Healthcare)

236.Susan Moore (UNC REX Healthcare)

237.Lisa Jackson-Moore (UNC Hospitals)

238.Dean Morrell (UNC Hospitals)

239.Christopher Morton (UNC Hospitals)

240.John Paul Mounsey (UNC Hospitals)

241.Joseph Muenzer (UNC Hospitals)

242.Marianne Muhlebach (UNC Hospitals)

243.Bryant A. Murphy (UNC Hospitals)

244.Hyman B. Muss (UNC Hospitals)

245.Patrick H. Nachman (UNC Hospitals)

246.Albert Jackson Naftel (UNC Hospitals)

247.Volker Nickeleit (UNC Hospitals)

248.Matthew Nielsen (UNC Hospitals)

249.Terry Lee Noah (UNC Hospitals)

250.Peadar Noone (UNC Hospitals)

251.Christopher W. Olcott (UNC Hospitals)

252.David W. Ollila (UNC Hospitals)

253.T. Michael O'Shea (UNC Hospitals)

254.Robert F. Ostrum (UNC Hospitals)

255.John Park (UNC REX Healthcare)

256.Anthony N. Passannante (UNC Hospitals)

257.Rig S. Patel (UNC REX Healthcare)

258.Samip N. Patel (UNC Hospitals)

259.David B. Peden (UNC Hospitals)

260.Anne F. Peery (UNC Hospitals)

261.Will F. Pendergraft (UNC Hospitals)

262.Diana O. Perkins (UNC Hospitals)

263.J. Duncan Phillips (UNC REX Healthcare)

264.Edward M. Pickens (UNC Physicians Network)

265.Harold C. Pillsbury III (UNC Hospitals)

266.Donald E. Pittaway (High Point Regional)

267.Joseph Piven (UNC Hospitals)

268.Elisabeth S. Potts Dellon (UNC Hospitals)

269.Cynthia M. Powell (UNC Hospitals)

270.Hugh M. Powell, Jr. (UNC REX Healthcare)

271.William J. Powers (UNC Hospitals)

272.Wayne A. Price (UNC Hospitals)

273.Raj S. Pruthi (UNC Hospitals)

274.Samantha Pulliam (UNC Hospitals)

275.Frank W. Putnam, Jr. (UNC Hospitals)

276.James E. Radford (Pardee UNC Health)

277.Duff A. Rardin (Pardee UNC Health)

278.Shana P. Ratner (UNC Hospitals)

279.Brian Z. Rayala (UNC Hospitals)

280.Matthew Raynor (UNC Hospitals)

281.George Z. Retsch-Bogart (UNC Hospitals)

282.Alfredo C. Rivadeneira (UNC Hospitals)

283.Maria Patricia Rivera (UNC Hospitals)

284.Donald L. Rosenstein (UNC Hospitals)

285.Sherry S. Ross (UNC Hospitals)

286.David Scott Rubenstein (UNC Hospitals)

287.Janet E. Rubin (UNC Hospitals)

288.David R. Rubinow (UNC Hospitals)

289.Jeffrey C. Ryan (UNC REX Healthcare)

290.Tim S. Sadiq (UNC Hospitals)

291.Teresa Palmer Salter (UNC REX Healthcare)

292.Robert S. Sandler (UNC Hospitals)

293.Charlie J. Sang, Jr. (Wayne UNC Health)

294.Hanna K. Sanoff (UNC Hospitals)

295.R. Balfour Sartor (UNC Hospitals)

296.Charles W. Scarantino (UNC REX Healthcare)

297.Hope Seidel (UNC REX Healthcare)

298.Mark W. Simpson (UNC REX Healthcare)

299.Leslie R. Smith (High Point Regional)

300.John T. Soper (UNC Hospitals)

301.William Spillane (High Point Regional)

302.Leonard Stein (UNC Hospitals)

303.Michael J. Steiner (UNC Hospitals)

304.Virgil S. Steele (UNC REX Healthcare)

305.Alan D. Stiles  (UNC Hospitals)

306.Richard W. Sutherland (UNC Hospitals)

307.Tina M. Schade Willis (UNC Hospitals)

308.Brent A. Senior (UNC Hospitals)

309.Amy W. Shaheen (UNC Hospitals)

310.Nicholas J. Shaheen (UNC Hospitals)

311.Julie L. Sharpless (UNC Hospitals)

312.Thomas C. Shea (UNC Hospitals)

313.William W. Shockley (UNC Hospitals)

314.Gerald Bruce Sibrack (UNC Hospitals)

315.Linmarie Sikich (UNC Hospitals)

316.Philip D. Sloane (UNC Hospitals)

317.Angela B. Smith (UNC Hospitals)

318.Donald C. Spencer (UNC Hospitals)

319.David M. Stamilio (UNC Hospitals)

320.Beat D. Steiner (UNC Hospitals)

321.Thomas Stinchcombe (UNC Hospitals)

322.Robert A. Strauss (UNC Hospitals)

323.Alison M. Stuebe (UNC Hospitals)

324.Maya S. Styner (UNC Hospitals)

325.Maureen A. Su (UNC Hospitals)

326.Francisco A. Sylvester (UNC Hospitals)

327.Timothy N. Taft (UNC Hospitals)

328.David T. Tayloe, Jr. (Wayne UNC Health)

329.Michael B. Tennison (UNC Hospitals)

330.Joel E. Tepper (UNC Hospitals)

331.Nancy E. Thomas (UNC Hospitals)

332.John M. Thorp, Jr.  (UNC Hospitals)

333.Richard W. Tim (UNC REX Healthcare)

334.Alexander Tyson, Jr. (High Point Regional)

335.Martin Howard Ulshen (UNC Hospitals)

336.Amy M. Ursano (UNC Hospitals)

337.Linda Van Le (UNC Hospitals)

338.Mahesh Kumar A. Varia (UNC Hospitals)

339.Bradley K. Vaughn (Orthopaedics, UNC REX Healthcare)

340.Bradley V. Vaughn (Neurology, UNC Hospitals )

341.Brian Vickery (UNC Hospitals)

342.Anthony J. Viera (UNC Hospitals)

343.Davis P. Viprakasit (UNC Hospitals)

344.Eric Wallen (UNC Hospitals)

345.Christine M. Walsh-Kelly (UNC Hospitals)

346.Diane D. Warner (UNC Hospitals)

347.Gregg Warshaw (UNC Hospitals)

348.Chris Watters (UNC REX Healthcare)

349.Karen Weck (UNC Hospitals)

350.Robert Wehbie (UNC REX Healthcare)

351.Timothy Weiner (UNC Hospitals)

352.Samuel S. Weir (UNC Hospitals)

353.Richard H. Weisler (UNC Hospitals)

354.Jared M. Weiss (UNC Hospitals)

355.Mark C. Weissler (UNC Hospitals)

356.James Duncan Whitehouse (Pardee UNC Health)

357.Kerry N. Whitt (UNC REX Healthcare)

358.Bruce Evan Wilks (UNC Hospitals)

359.Leanne K. Willis (UNC Hospitals)

360.David A. Wohl (UNC Hospitals)

361.Karen S. Wood (UNC Hospitals)

362.Michael E. Woods (UNC Hospitals)

363.John D. Wooten (UNC REX Healthcare)

364.Eveline Y. Wu (UNC Hospitals)

365.Mark Yoffee (UNC REX Healthcare)

366.Laura A. Young (UNC Hospitals)

367.Steven Zacks (UNC Hospitals)

368.Michael Zarzar (UNC Hospitals)

369.Carlton Zdanski (UNC Hospitals)

370.Adam Jason Zolotor (UNC Hospitals)

371.David A. Zvara (UNC Hospitals)

372.James P. Zidar (UNC REX Healthcare)

373.Sherri Zimmerman (UNC REX Healthcare)

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