Cancer Support Groups


Due to COVID-19 precautions, all support groups are being offered virtually. Registration is required.

Support groups are an excellent complement to your medical care. They provide education and help foster emotions that can positively impact the experience of your cancer treatment and recovery.

Held in virtual small group settings, our support groups explore the challenges and concerns of coping with a cancer diagnosis. We offer support groups for patients, caregivers and family members.

Coping with Cancer

Coping with Cancer is a support group for those who are currently undergoing active treatment (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation and surgical procedures) or who have just recently completed active treatment. This group provides individuals with the opportunity to connect to others who can relate to their experiences regarding illness, treatment, side effects and any area of life impacted by cancer.

Caregiver Conversations

Caregiver Conversations encourages caregivers to identify current and future life changes related to their patient's diagnosis and treatment. Caregivers are asked to reflect on their caregiving experiences and their coping strategies. Caregivers explore their unique roles and provide support to others sharing similar experiences.


The Survivorship support group offers a safe and inclusive space for cancer patients to connect as they move beyond active treatment. As care plans shift focus from treatment to recovery, this group honors the changes and challenges on the way to growth and personal healing.

Sharing Hope

Sharing Hope is a support group for those who have experienced a recurrence or are living with metastatic cancer. Members have an opportunity to join with peers to discuss the hopes and challenges of living with a serious illness. This group allows the opportunity to encourage, empower and celebrate life’s moments while battling terminal illness.

Cancer Transitions

Cancer Transitions is a free wellness workshop for adult cancer survivors and their caregivers. Session topics include nutritional wellness, physical activity and exercise, coping with stress and medical management after treatment. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet other survivors.

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Kidscan!For a child whose parent or sibling is seriously ill, our KidsCan! support group offers understanding, comfort, and assurance that they’re not alone.

KidsCAN! is a support program for families with children (grades 1-12) who have a parent or caregiver diagnosed with cancer. This program offers a safe space for children to ask questions about cancer while connecting with other kids who understand what it is like to have a special adult with cancer. KidsCAN! provides psychoeducation around cancer and cancer treatments with the use of expressive arts, games and activities.

KidsCAN! meets virtually each month. A calendar with specific dates and times will be provided upon program registration.

Before joining KidsCAN!, families must complete a short assessment to ensure the program will meet their needs. During the assessment session, you will have an opportunity to discuss how to best support your child during your cancer journey with the KidsCAN! Clinical Coordinator.

Registration and Information

For more information or to register for a Cancer Support Group, please ask to speak to your on-site social worker or call 919-784-1641.

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