Heart and Vascular Clinical Trials

UNC REX Healthcare and the physicians of North Carolina Heart & Vascular and REX Vascular Specialists are involved in various clinical research studies and trials. If relevant to your care, a physician may recommend participation in clinical research and work with you and your other physicians to help decide if it is the right method of treatment.

In addition to a strict Institutional Review Board (IRB) process, each trial or
study is thoroughly vetted by the physicians involved. Providing the best
possible care for our patients is always our primary goal.

You gain access to promising new heart and vascular services in clinical trials through UNC REX Healthcare. These studies evaluate the effectiveness of tests, treatments or approaches to care that aren’t yet widely available.

Talk to your doctor about your eligibility for one of the clinical trials below. If you consider enrolling, take the same steps you would before deciding to receive any medical care. Ask questions to make sure you understand your options, what your participation would involve, the benefits and risks, and payment and insurance information. 

Learn Your Risk

Take an online Heart Aware or Vascular Aware assessment to discover your odds of developing a cardiovascular disease. You’ll find out if you qualify for a free in-person medical screening and consultation.

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