Heart Failure Clinic

If your heart doesn’t pump enough blood for your body, the REX Heart Failure Clinic can help you reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life. Experienced specialists from UNC REX Healthcare and UNC Medical Center collaborate with general cardiologists and primary care providers to provide comprehensive, personalized care.

What to Expect

Within two days after a doctor refers you to the REX Heart Failure Clinic, you’ll get a call to schedule an appointment. If you recently received hospital care, we’ll try to schedule your visit within a week of discharge. Rely on us to contact your primary care provider and primary cardiologist to obtain your medical records.

Your First Appointment

Bring all your medications and supplements in their original containers to your first appointment. During the appointment, you’ll:

  • Meet with the heart failure physician and other medical team members
  • Get testing, if needed
  • Establish an individualized care plan

Follow-Up Care

Your team will follow up with your primary cardiologist or primary care provider to discuss your care plan. Check in with your team members regularly by phone. They may ask you to make lifestyle changes, monitor your weight, see a pharmacist, enroll in cardiac rehabilitation, or take other steps to keep your heart in the best possible shape.

Heart Failure Surgery

The REX Heart Failure Clinic is designed to help you manage your condition at home. But if you need heart surgery to protect your health, UNC REX Healthcare gives you access to a full range of treatment options.

Advanced Heart Failure

The UNC Center for Heart and Vascular Care has made enormous strides in improving both the lifespan and quality of life of advanced heart failure patients. While the disease is complex, and treatment advances frequent, every patient has a multi-disciplinary team of specialists collaborating on the best course of treatment.

UNC Heart and Vascular offers the full range of treatment possibilities for patients at every stage of disease, from lifestyle changes and medication to heart transplant. We are also proud to be the first hospital in the state to be certified as a Destination Therapy Center by The Joint Commission (JCAHO).

Contact Us

Talk to your cardiologist or call 919-784-3324 for more information about the REX Heart Failure Clinic, with locations at UNC REX Hospital Medical Office Building, in Clayton, and in Goldsboro.

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