Heart Surgery

When surgery is your best treatment option, entrust your heart to the experts at UNC REX Healthcare. You’ll benefit from board-certified surgeons with decades of experience and thorough knowledge in the latest and best ways to care for you.

Cardiac Surgical Treatments

Depending on your condition and situation, your doctor may recommend:

Whenever possible, a surgeon will perform your procedure using a minimally invasive technique that requires smaller incisions and reduces pain, scarring and recovery time.

Recognized for Excellence

UNC REX Hospital earned Healthgrades’ Cardiac Surgery Excellence AwardTM for 2016, 2015 and 2014 because we helped patients achieve superior outcomes in heart bypass surgery and heart valve surgery. That means you face an even smaller risk of dying after those procedures here than at many other hospitals.

Multidisciplinary Team Approach

You get well-rounded care from a team of medical professionals who collaborate to determine your best treatment option. Trust the expertise of our:

  • Cardiac surgeons
  • Cardiologists
  • Vascular Surgeons and Specialists

Cardiac Rehabilitation

After surgery, cardiac rehabilitation helps you safely regain strength and endurance and reduce your risk of future heart conditions.

Learn Your Risk

Take an online Heart Aware, Vascular Aware or PAD Aware assessment to discover your odds of developing a cardiovascular disease. You’ll find out if you qualify for further screenings or consultations.

Patient Story: Jonathan Barnes

Jonathan was a healthy, active 68-year-old who exercised and lifted weights often- including the day he had a heart attack. Dr. Anderson from REX Cardiac Surgical Specialists repaired his damaged valve and brightened his outlook on life.

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