Lipid (Cholesterol) Clinic

The Lipid Clinic at North Carolina Heart & Vascular offers the services of clinical pharmacists specially trained in the area of lipids, with an expertise in medication management. They also provide other necessary information on heart-healthy eating habits, smoking cessation and exercise therapy. The primary focus of the Lipid Clinic is to reduce the risk of heart and vascular disease by helping patients reach their cholesterol goals. They work closely with your North Carolina Heart & Vascular cardiologist to develop a safe and effective plan to reach these goals. The North Carolina Heart & Vascular clinical pharmacists are:

  • Jane Arey, Pharm.D., C.P.P.
  • Mandy Klingenberg, Pharm.D., C.P.P.
  • Katherine Owens, Pharm.D.

A patient must be referred by a cardiologist at North Carolina Heart and Vascular and scheduled for a 30-minute appointment with the clinical pharmacist. To prepare for an appointment:

  • A patient should not eat after midnight before a cholesterol clinic appointment, unless blood sugar prevents fasting. A finger stick cholesterol panel will be performed, and the results will be available during the visit.
  • Please bring a list of all prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins and herbal supplements. The pharmacist will review all of your medications.
  • It is helpful if you bring a copy of the most recent blood work done by your primary care provider for review.
  • Other factors that affect cholesterol and cardiovascular risk will be discussed. This may include education about better diet choices, appropriate exercise and smoking cessation.
  • If cholesterol values do not meet the set goals, the clinical pharmacist may change the cholesterol-lowering medication regimen.
  • You may also be sent to the lab for additional blood work, if necessary.
  • A follow-up Lipid Clinic appointment will be scheduled.


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