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Patient StoriesLenora's survival story comes a result of discovering breast cancer after a receiving a mammogram on the Rex Mobile Mammography Unit. She was going along in her busy and all-consuming world, when breast cancer changed her life.

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Mammography processUNC REX offers a wide scope of breast health services for women, including digital mammograms. Digital mammography uses essentially the same mammography system as conventional mammography, but the system is equipped with a digital receptor and a computer instead of a film cassette. With digital view mammography, images are acquired digitally and displayed immediately on the system monitor, providing a clearer and easier to read view for physicians.

Mammography Services

We offer digital mammography services in all of our locations in Wake County: REX Breast Care Center, near UNC REX Hospital at 3100 Duraleigh Road, and REX Mammography Services of Cary, Holly Springs, Wakefield and Knightdale. All locations are departments of UNC REX Hospital.

Mammography services funding is available for qualified women utilizing both the Breast Care Centers and the Mobile Mammography Unit through generous funding from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, NC Triangle Affiliate.

REX Mammography provides the following services:

  • Screening and diagnostic mammograms featuring digital mammography
  • Stereotactic vacuum-assisted breast biopsy
  • Core needle biopsies
  • On-site ultrasound
  • Bone mineral density testing with DexaScan

All REX Mammography equipment is certified by the Food and Drug Administration and accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Breast Density Information

North Carolina law requires mammography reports to include breast density information. The legislation is designed to improve breast cancer detection and prevention through educating patients about dense breast tissue and how it can conceal abnormalities during mammographic procedures, and encourages patients to actively participate in their screening surveillance protocol with their healthcare providers.

3D Mammography at REX3D Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography

In addition to digital mammography, UNC REX is pleased to offer 3D breast tomosynthesis mammography at REX Breast Care Center, located at 3100 Duraleigh Rd.

This new type of mammography produces a 3D image of the breast, allowing radiologists to see more clearly through overlapping breast tissue. The result is a more detailed picture, making breast abnormalities easier to view, even in dense tissue.

There will be an additional charge for this mammogram. Insurance will be filed, but if not covered with your insurance carrier, you will be billed. This exam is FDA approved, but not all insurance companies cover this exam. If you wish to schedule a 3D mammogram, please let our schedulers know when you set up your appointment.

Mobile Mammography

UNC REX also provides mammograms through our Mobile Mammography Unit, the only one in Wake County.

We strive to make UNC REX the best local resource for women by providing education on early detection and breast health, prompt diagnosis and a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. Our physicians and staff are devoted to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer through cutting-edge therapies and individualized care plans.

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