Lab Services

During your doctor visit, your physician may decide to order a laboratory test as part of a routine checkup, to confirm a diagnosis or to monitor your health. UNC REX Healthcare operates a full-service, diagnostic laboratory inside of UNC REX Hospital along with several offsite laboratories for your convenience.

Laboratory Services We Offer

UNC REX Healthcare offers a wide range of onsite laboratory services to ensure that tests can be done in one convenient location for patients.

Our services include:

  • ALab Physiciansnatomic Pathology - Diagnosing diseases by examining organs and tissues
  • Chemistry - Tests that help identify a person’s body chemistry, such as a Basic Metabolic Panel (BMPs) or a liver function test
  • Coagulation - Tests to assess blood clotting
  • Cytology - Diagnosing diseases by examining body fluids
  • Esoteric Testing through Mayo Medical Laboratories
  • Hematology - Testing blood to identify blood diseases and disorders
  • Microbiology - Identifying and diagnosing bacteria, fungi, parasites, chlamydia, and herpes simplex
  • Occult Blood Testing - Testing for blood in the stool
  • Outreach Services - Providing laboratory services to local clinics and physicians
  • Transfusion Services - Pre-transfusion testing of red blood cells, platelets, plasma and other blood components
  • Tumor Marker Panels - Tests to identify substances that are found in the body when cancer is present
  • Urinalysis - Testing urine

Our laboratory technicians may also assist physicians with bone marrow aspirates and biopsies and draw blood from ports, peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines and Groshong lines.

Nationally Accredited Laboratory

When receiving laboratory services from UNC REX Healthcare, rest assured that you’ll receive safe, high quality care.

Our laboratories are held to the highest standards, earning accreditation from:

In addition to our accredited laboratories, our highly skilled staff is certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

What to Expect

If your physician decides that you need a test performed, they will either provide you with a form to bring to the laboratory or they will call the laboratory to alert our technicians of your visit. In most cases, you may visit any of our laboratory locations to have your tests performed.

Do I need an appointment?

Most laboratory tests do not require an appointment, and patients are typically seen on a first come first served basis. It will generally take 10-15 minutes to complete your paperwork and registration, and to perform the test.

If an appointment is necessary your physician’s office will typically make one for you.

Some tests that do require an appointment are:

  • 2 or 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Tests
  • Cortisol Stimulation

While appointments are not always needed, all testing does require an order from your physician.

What should I bring with me?

When coming in for your laboratory test, be sure to bring:

  • A completed order form or “script” from your doctor
  • Your insurance card and information
  • A photo ID
  • Any additional papers your doctor tells you to bring
  • Laboratory Outpatient Registration Information Form

Do I need to fast?

Tests that are affected by your diet, such as blood sugar or lipids, generally require that you fast before having your blood drawn. This means that you can’t have anything to eat or drink (other than water) after midnight the night prior to having your blood drawn.

If you are required to fast, your physician’s office will let you know. They will also alert you to any other special preparations you need to take before your testing.

What happens when I have my blood drawn?

Your doctor can learn a great deal about your health from a blood test. Blood tests help your doctor to monitor your health or diagnose a disease. Even if you feel fine, your bloodwork could come back abnormal, which is why doctors often order lab tests as part of a physical exam.

Blood is usually collected from your arm inside your elbow or on the top of your hand. A tourniquet, or big rubber band, will be tied tightly around your upper arm to allow the veins to fill with blood. The collection site will then be cleaned with an antiseptic, such as alcohol, to prevent infection. A needle will be inserted into the vein and blood will be collected into colored tubes. Once the blood is collected, the needle will be removed and pressure will be applied to stop the bleeding.

If your child is having their blood drawn, review to these helpful tips to help make their experience as pleasant as possible.

Safety of having your blood drawn

Having your blood drawn will not expose you to diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis. The phlebotomist (person collecting your blood) wears gloves and uses a disposable needle. This needle is thrown away after each use.

The most common complication of having your blood drawn is bruising at the collection site. Be sure to apply pressure until the bleeding has stopped.

If you feel dizzy or light headed when having your blood drawn, be sure to alert the phlebotomist.

When will my results be ready and How do I get them?

Most routine test results will be provided to the ordering physician the day after the tests are performed. However, some tests may take several days to be completed.

All laboratory results are sent directly to the physician who ordered the tests. Laboratory results are available immediately to the patient by way of UNC MyChart and upon request at the main laboratory on the campus of UNC REX Hospital. A consent form is required to be signed at the time results are released to the patient.

What if I want a second opinion?

As a patient, you can request to have your pathology slides sent out for a second opinion.

If you decide to do so, please note that:

  • You will be responsible for all cost associated with the consultation from the second institution.
  • Please allow one week for your slides and reports to be prepared and sent to the second institution. Many of our older pathology cases are stored off site and require more time to be obtained and prepared.
  • Provide the following information to the laboratory: patient information (name, date of birth, date of surgery, type of surgery), information on where to send the slides (physician name, address, telephone number), and date when the slides are needed.

If you decide to have your slides sent for a second opinion:

  • Preferred Process: Contact your physician and ask for a second opinion. You can suggest where to send them or request a reference from your physician. Your physician will then contact the Pathology Department with the appropriate information.
  • Contact the Pathology Department directly, at 919-784-3072, with the request. If you choose this method, be sure to have all the information of where to send the slides.

How does billing work?

All billing for the UNC REX Healthcare laboratories is done through Change Healthcare.

Our laboratories will file your insurance based on the information you provided. Please allow four to six weeks for processing.

To request an itemized statement or for any additional questions regarding your account, contact Change Healthcare’s Customer Service line at 1-877-746-7097. 

You may pay your bill online, by phone by calling Change Healthcare.

Rex Outreach Laboratory PO BOX 60655 Charlotte, NC 28260

REX Pathology Associates P.O. Box 100559 Florence, SC 29501

No Appointment Necessary

If you have questions regarding testing call 919-784-6000.

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