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Sleep StudyIs it hard for you to get out of bed in the morning? Are you feeling irritable or stressed? Are you often tired during the day? If so, you might have a sleep disorder.

About 20 percent of the population is affected by one of the 100 known sleep disorders. These disorders, such as sleep apnea, can lead to major health problems such as stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and depression.

A sleep study can provide a detailed evaluation to determine if you have a sleep disorder. Just like an x-ray uncovers broken bones, a sleep study can uncover a problem in your sleep patterns. Stop suffering through sleepless nights; let the trained sleep technologists at REX Healthcare’s Sleep Disorders Center help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

Sleep Disorders We Treat

The REX Sleep Disorders Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a  variety of sleep disorders including:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Parasomnia’s (Rem Sleep Disorder Behavior; Sleep Walking; Sleep Talking)
  • Periodic Limb Movement (Restless Legs)
  • Sleep Apnea

We also perform pediatric sleep studies for children over the age of five.

Our sleep program is accredited through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a sign of our commitment to providing the highest level of care to our patients.

What to Expect

In order to fully understand sleep patterns and diagnose any problems, our team will monitor various brain activities, body systems and their relationships while you sleep.

All studies are conducted overnight under the direction of a Medical Director, who is board-certified in sleep medicine, and trained sleep technologists.

During your sleep study at the REX Sleep Disorders Center, a recording of physiological measurements will identify your different sleep stages and classify various sleep problems. These measurements are provided by sensors attached to your chest, legs, index finger and around your head. These sensors are pain free and attached using gel and latex free tape.

Your entire sleep center visit will take between 10 to 11 hours, and once you’re set up, you’ll sleep for six to eight of them. Our sleep study rooms are very similar to hotel rooms, featuring full size beds and cable television, offering a tranquil night’s sleep to our patients.

The cost of your sleep study is often covered by insurance. If you have any questions concerning insurance coverage, please call 984-215-6980. You will need a referral from your primary care physician or a physician that specializes in the treatment of sleep disorders to ensure that a physician is following your treatment.

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