Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award

The American Heart Association Award recognizes UNC REX Healthcare's commitment to quality stroke care.

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Stroke Care

Stroke CareStroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It’s the main cause of adult disability and the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.

It’s extremely important to identify and treat a stroke as quickly as possible, which is why UNC REX Healthcare has a dedicated stroke care team. This team of physicians, clinicians and support staff are trained to care for stroke patients quickly, effectively and compassionately.

Working Together for You

At UNC REX Healthcare, our multidisciplinary stroke team works to reduce the effects of stroke by providing prompt evaluation and treatment of stroke symptoms.

The stroke services care team at UNC REX Healthcare includes:

Not only will you find immediate support from every member of the team, but they’ll also work with you to provide expert follow-up care.

Nationally Recognized Stroke Care

UNC REX Healthcare is recognized by the Joint Commission as a certified Primary Stroke Center. This means that UNC REX has met criteria developed by the Joint Commission in conjunction with the American Stroke Association and provides exceptional care that meets the unique needs of a stroke patient and improves outcomes.

We have also been an Advanced Primary Stroke Center since 2011.

Advanced Technology and Treatments

When a stroke occurs, every second counts.

There are two types of stroke, Ischemic Stroke and Hemorrhagic Stroke.

Ischemic Stroke happens when an artery in the brain is blocked. There are two types of ischemic stroke:

  • Embolic Stroke - when a blood clot or plaque fragment forms, usually in the heart or the large arteries leading to the brain, and then moves through the arteries to the brain. The clot blocks a blood vessel which leads to a stroke.
  • Thrombotic Stroke – where a blood clot that forms inside an artery that supplies blood to the brain. The clot interrupts blood flow and causes a stroke.

A Hemorrhagic Stroke is when a blood vessel bursts and spills blood into or around the brain.

Our stroke team is trained to diagnose and treat these types of stroke quickly and effectively. Treatment options include:

Every stroke patient will also meet with a Care Coordinator who will work with your care team to ensure you are getting the continued help you need through rehabilitation, home care, fitness experts or nutrition experts.

Call 911

If you think you are experiencing a stroke, immediately dial 911.

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Know the Signs of Stroke

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Arm drifts


Speech slurs


Time is critical

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