Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Center

We offer rapid diagnosis, advanced treatment options, and collaborative care for people who have suffered a stroke.

National Recognition

AHA and JCAHO Stroke Award Symbols

Our Thrombectomy-Capable Stroke Center offers 24/7 advanced stroke care and has met rigorous quality criteria from the Joint Commission.

For 2021 we were awarded the American Heart Association Get With the Guidelines ® (GWTG) Gold Plus Honor Roll Elite Plus, Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll. Participation in GWTG demonstrates the hospital’s ongoing commitment to improving the care of stroke patients. See how we are doing compared to other hospitals.

24/7 Specialized Care Neurologists

Stroke patients are quickly assessed by emergency department physicians and receive rapid consultation by a neurologists upon arrival. Patients are treated with IV alteplase (clot busting drug) or endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) more often and more quickly, leading to better patient results.

Neurology Specialists - More Patients Treated

These graphs below shows the increased number of patients each year that have been treated with IV alteplase or endovascular thrombectomy at UNC REX. 

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Higher Rate of Treatment – More Likely to be Treated

Patients are more likely to receive IV Alteplase or EVT when compared to other hospitals in NC because we have 24/7 neurology care and 24/7 EVT 24/7. These graphs below show that the percent of patients treated with IV alteplase and endovascular thrombectomy is higher at UNC REX when compared to all NC hospitals.

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Faster Treatment–More Brain Saved

Our IV alteplase treatment times exceed median times across NC. These graphs below show that patients at UNC REX are treated with IV altepase are treated faster when compared to all NC hospitals

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Specialized Care- Neuro Intensive Care

Research showed that patients with neurological emergencies have better outcomes when cared for in highly specialized neurocritical care units.

UNC Rex adopted this concept in the early stages of building the neurological program. Rex has a dedicated ten-bed neuroscience unit, designed to accommodate critically ill patients with neurological diseases.
These patients are 24/7 under the direct care of academic neurologists, who are fellowship trained in neurocritical care. The nursing staff in this unit are also specifically trained and certified in the critical neurological diseases, such as severe strokes and brain hemorrhages, along with a plethora of other neurological emergencies.

We feel at UNC Rex that by following this path early on, we are leading the way in Wake County in the care for neurological emergencies, and providing this unique group of patients with the utmost level of specialized care that will maximize their chances of survivor and gaining back their functionality.

More Patients Go Back to Normal Life

More treatment and faster treatments mean that more patients are discharged back to home or short-term acute rehabilitation.

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After receiving treatment with IV alteplase or EVT, a larger percentage of patients from UNC REX have a favorable (mRS) score 90 days later. This means that these patients have returned close to their baseline functional status despite suffering a stroke.

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UNC REX also has a lower rate of symptomatic bleeding in the brain for patients that have received IV alteplase or EVT. Symptomatic bleeding in the brain is a significant complication that can increase hospital length of stay, functional status, and even increases the risk of death.

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About Stroke and Stroke Care at UNC REX

Signs of Stroke – CALL 911

If you or a loved one suffers a stroke, you should activate 911 and seek emergency medical care immediately.

Emergency Care at UNC Rex

At UNC REX, your care will begin in the emergency department with our dedicated team of ED nurses and providers that have received specialized training in diagnosis and treatment of stroke. Our ED team will activate a Code Stroke which will trigger an emergency consultation by our own Rex Neuro-hospitalist team. The UNC REX Neuro-Hospitalists will use their expertise and our advanced imaging capabilities to determine if you or your loved one is eligible for treatment with IV alteplase or EVT.

Patients with Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) strokes may be eligible for Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT) or “clot retrieval”. At UNC REX our Emergency Department and Neuro Hospitalist providers consult with Neuro-Radiologists and Neuro Endovascular Surgeons to interpret state of the art images from our CT scanner to identify clots for retrieval. Because our NES physicians are available 24/7 treatment rates at UNC REX exceed all NC and national hospital rates

During Your Hospital Stay

You will be cared for on nursing units dedicated to the care of neurologic patients. Our neuro-hospitalists continue to monitor your care throughout your stay. If you require more intensive care, our dedicated neuro ICU is staffed 24/7 by neuro-intensivists who are intensive care providers with a specialty in patients with neurologic problems.

Why Did Your Stroke Happen and How Can You Prevent Another One?

After a stroke has been diagnosed, it is important to understand the cause of the stroke and adjust medications and lifestyle habits to help prevent a future stroke. The Neuro-hospitalist team is in house at REX 7 days a week and will follow you or your loved one making recommendations about what caused your stroke and making sure you are on the right medications according to the latest guidelines from the American Stroke Association.

Getting Better and Planning for the Future

You will also be seen and evaluated by our therapeutic services team to address any rehabilitative services you may need in the hospital or after you are discharged. Our dedicated care management will also support you and your loved ones as you decide the best place and care needed once the hospital stay is over.

Call 911

If you think you are experiencing a stroke, immediately dial 911.

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Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award

The American Heart Association Award recognizes UNC REX Healthcare's commitment to quality stroke care.

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