Surgical Services Pre-Operative Patient Handout

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Pre-Op Patient Handout - English
Pre-Op Patient Handout - Spanish

Pain and Nausea Management

Your comfort is very important to your recovery. At UNC REX we want to control your pain after surgery.

We use the scale below to help evaluate your comfort level. Talk about your discomfort with your nurse and ask for help to manage it. There are many options to help with pain relief such as medicines, repositioning, prayer, etc., and your nurse will explain them to you.

If you are experiencing side effects from any medicine given to you (nausea, itching, etc.) please tell your nurse as they can be managed also. Nausea can be a side effect of anesthesia. Please tell your anesthesiologist if you have had nausea in the past.

Medication can be given before and/or after your surgery for your comfort.

How do I report my pain?

Pain Scale

For more information of if you have any questions, call our Rex Perioperative Planning Center at 919-784-3102.

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