The Birth Center at Rex Holly Springs Hospital

Benefit from a compassionate, supportive environment during your delivery and recovery at the birth center at Rex Holly Springs Hospital. Let us empower you to have the birth experience you desire with the help of our specialized maternity care team.

Labor and Delivery Care Team

Our seasoned care team will walk you through the birth process offering encouraging, individualized attention every step of the way. We’ll respect your individual and unique vision for your birth experience following your preferences throughout labor and delivery.

Birth Center Amenities

At our birth center take advantage of comfortable and relaxing rooms in a family-oriented home-like setting. Find private labor and delivery rooms with:

  • Convertible sleep sofas
  • Laboring tubs
  • Private bath, with shower and shower massager
  • Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Birthing balls
  • Wireless fetal monitors

Security at Holly Springs

You and your loved ones will be safe at Rex Holly Springs Hospital. Using added safety measures and heightened attention to detail, we take precautions that keep your baby secure each time your baby is away from you.

We employ the Hugs Infant Protection security system and the same procedures currently used at REX including a matching ID bracelet for baby, mom and partner to wear to signal identity and uniformed security officers monitoring the birth center’s entries and exits. We require all visitors to register and wear an ID badge when they are visiting you.

Take a tour of the Birth Center at UNC Health Rex Holly Springs Hospital

View of lobby of UNC Health Rex Holly Springs Hospital

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