REX Women's Center Visitation Policy

  • Two visitors, ages 12 or above, are allowed for patients, not to exceed two visitors in the patient's room.
  • A Doula is not considered one of the two visitors.
  • Visitors for COVID+ patients must follow all precautions outlined by the care team.
  • For babies taken to the NICU, only parents or the person with the second band will be allowed in the NICU.
  • Surrogates may have two visitors, as outlined above. It is not required to be one of the child's parents. Once the baby is delivered, the baby may have two parents/guardians present.

Take a tour of REX Women's Center

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Birth Center at REX

Enjoy the comforts of home in a nurturing environment during delivery and recovery at the REX Women’s Center birth center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Receive encouragement and care tailored to you and your newborn during this special time.

Specialized Maternity Care Team

Trust our experienced labor and delivery team to provide you compassionate and individualized care and services following your preferences during your birthing experience. When you partner with us, you’ll gain a care team with the exceptional skills and knowledge to help you through your pregnancy and delivery at our birth center.

Birth Center Room Amenities

Choose our Birth Center for your labor, delivery, and recovery to take advantage of our comfortable, relaxing private rooms in a family-friendly setting. Find rooms with:

  • Convertible sleep chairs and sofas
  • Rocking chairs
  • Private bath, with shower and shower massager
  • Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Birthing balls
  • Wireless fetal monitors
  • Postpartum room at REX Women's Center

    Postpartum Room at REX Women's Center

  • Delivery room at REX Women's Center

    Delivery room at REX Women's Center

  • Women's Center pod

    The REX Women's Center is organized into Pods so that the nursing and care staff are always close by.

  • NICU nursery

    The REX NICU nursery.

Safe, Secure Birth Center

Put your safety in our hands during your stay. Feel confident you, your baby, and other family members will be safe and secure at REX Women’s Center Birth Center.

Rest assured we take precautions to keep your baby safe each time our staff transports your newborn outside the nursery. We match your baby’s ID bracelet with the identical bracelet that you and your partner wear to ensure identity.

Added safety measures include a uniformed security officer with a hand scanner at UNC REX maternity services and birth center’s nursery entrances to monitor visitors. We require all visitors to register when they arrive at the birth center and wear an ID badge while visiting you. In addition, all UNC REX staff member wear photo ID badges for quick identification while working.

If you feel uncertain or uncomfortable while at UNC REX, please notify your nurse immediately.

Postpartum Support & Resources

After the birth of your baby, depend on your care team to provide resources to help you adjust to being a parent. Access a range of services at UNC Rex Women’s Center to assist you during your hospital stay and prepare you for your return home with your newborn including:

UNC Rex Holly Springs Hospital

The same expert maternity care we have become known for at UNC Rex Hospital is available in Holly Springs. The birth center at UNC Rex Holly Springs Hospital is a holistic, family-friendly atmosphere that specializes in encouraging and supporting women from labor through delivery. Learn more about the birth center and amenities.

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