Classes Update

We are excited to announce that during this time we are offering several of our pregnancy and parenting classes online in lieu of our in-person classes. The following classes will be offered online:

  • Understanding Birth
  • Understanding Breastfeeding
  • Understanding Your Newborn

Spaces are limited, so sign up today! Please call 919-784-3224 if you have any questions.

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Breastfeeding Classes

Turn to breastfeeding classes at UNC REX Healthcare to learn breastfeeding basics, how to overcome breastfeeding challenges, and what to expect after the baby is born.

What Can I Learn from Breastfeeding Classes?

You’ll get answers to questions and concerns you may have around breastfeeding, such as:

  • How to tell if your baby is hungry
  • How to position, or latch, your newborn to your breast
  • How much milk you can expect to produce
  • How often your baby needs food
  • How much milk your new baby needs
  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough milk
  • What cluster feeding is and strategies for coping with it
  • When to start pumping and how to properly store breast milk
  • When to introduce a bottle to your baby’s feeding
  • How to take care of yourself

UNC REX Breastfeeding Classes

Benefit from breastfeeding classes led by a board-certified lactation consultant. Classes offered at UNC REX include:

  • Preparing to Breastfeed – Before the baby is born, learn tips about breastfeeding. You’ll find out about the benefits and know what to expect during the first days of feeding. This class is $25 per couple (you plus a support person).
  • Working and Breastfeeding (postnatal class) – Learn how to feed your baby after returning to the workplace. Topics you’ll learn in this class include how to store milk and schedule pumping. This class is $5 per person.

Learn about all our lactation support services.

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