Financial Aspects of your Care

Before your due date, please call your insurance company to review your maternity coverage.

You may be responsible for any charges not covered by your health insurance. Please note that physicians (emergency and OB emergency, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, etc.) and other providers may bill separately. To learn more about how services are billed at UNC REX Healthcare, please visit our Understanding Your Bill page.

UNC REX Healthcare will assist you with obtaining the necessary approval for your visit and file your insurance claim for you. We are able to file primary and most secondary insurance claims when we have complete and accurate information at the time you are registered. If your insurance requires prior approval for certain tests or for hospital admission, we will help you obtain the necessary approval if your physician has not done so.

To ensure we have complete and accurate insurance information, please bring your insurance card and photo identification at the time you are admitted.

You should pre-register on our website at least 60 days prior to your delivery. You should receive a confirmation notice within five business days. For questions about registration for delivery at the Women’s Center, please call 919-784-3257.

After delivery, remember to add your baby to your insurance plan so their claim is filed in a timely manner.

We will register the baby to the mother’s insurance. If you want your baby to be registered to other insurance, we are able to change this after confirming with that insurance plan the baby has been added as a member.

Discussing payment and financial arrangements during your stay

A member of our Patient Access department will visit your room before discharge to discuss payment and financial arrangements. UNC REX Healthcare will request payment of your estimated amount due during your stay. This may include any estimated amounts due, to include co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, self-pay amounts, or related deposits.

Please note that charges from your physician are billed separately and are not included in hospital charges. This estimate is based on your insurance coverage, along with the average cost of services provided related to your delivery.

Please visit our Understanding Your Bill page to view all of the independent physician groups currently provide contracted services at UNC REX Healthcare, including anesthesia services and OB Hospitalist services.

Contact Us

Call us at 800-594-8624 for questions about your UNC REX Healthcare bills or insurance coverage for those bills.

Call us at 919-784-3382 for an estimate of how much your bill may cost.

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