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OB Hospitalists Program at REX Women’s Center

Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in caring for patients while they are in the hospital. If your primary physician is not present when you arrive at the REX Women’s Center, our team of OB Hospitalists are here to help. They coordinate care with private OBGYN physicians to be sure all patients receive quality care in a timely manner and answer any questions you may have to help ensure a safe delivery for you and your baby.

UNC REX OB Hospitalists are available 24/7 to provide outstanding medical expertise and patient care for women at REX Women’s Center. They are highly skilled in a variety of different delivery techniques, maintain high levels of clinical performance and professional standards, are board certified for OB/GYN and in addition, required to have specialized training.

Like your primary physician, OB Hospitalists are familiar with key professionals in the hospital, including medical and surgical consultants, discharge planners, social workers, clergy and others. Our team will partner with your doctor to expedite care for you and easily facilitate connections with lactation consultants, providers of home healthcare, skilled nursing, specialized rehabilitation, and other services.

OB Emergency Department at REX Women’s Center

The OB Emergency Department is conveniently located in the REX Women’s Center and works in conjunction with the main Emergency Department. All expectant moms will be able to be seen at the OB ED by either their own personal OBGYN or one of our UNC REX OB Hospitalists.

Benefits to Patients using OB ED and our OB Hospitalists team include:

  • Immediate emergency care.
  • Evaluation and management of OB/GYN care needs.
  • Coordination of care and communication of your condition to your private physician, if your doctor is not at the hospital.
  • Determine if you are in labor and evaluate progress.
  • Review test results and fetal heart rate monitoring.
  • Ensure a safe delivery for you and your baby.

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