Postpartum Educational Resources

Our goal during your postpartum stay on the mother-baby unit is to instill confidence in caring for yourself and your baby before going home. While we discuss cord care, bathing, feeding as well as caring for yourself, we understand that there are so many things going on in the short amount of time that you are with us, that it is easy to forget some important and valuable information.

Postpartum Discharge Education Videos

The following videos are available for you and your partner to review either during your stay in the REX Women's Center or once you are at home with your newborn.

Chapter 1: Your New Beginning

This video covers becoming a family, benefits of rooming-in, range of emotions, importance of support once at home, insight from NICU parents, emotions and role of new dads and partners.

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Chapter 2: Caring for Yourself

This video covers normal physical changes to expect, afterbirth pains, care for cesarean incision, hygiene tips, importance of rest, nutrition tips, importance of exercise, warning signs and reportable symptoms, baby blues vs. postpartum depression, postpartum depression signs.

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Chapter 3: Caring for your Baby

This video covers how to use a bulb syringe, umbilical cord care, meconium, how to wipe/change diapers, circumcision care, how to give Baby a bath, reasons for crying, how to swaddle, newborn screenings, jaundice/phototherapy, well baby visits, immunizations, warning signs and reportable symptoms.

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Chapter 4: Feeding your Baby

This chapter covers characteristics of colostrum, proper breastfeeding positions, proper latch, positive effects of skin-to-skin, identifying hunger cues, How to know if Baby is getting enough milk, preparing formula.

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Chapter 5: Baby's Health and Safety

This chapter covers carseat safety, sleep positioning and SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, acclimating your pet to Baby, postpartum education summary.

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