UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby App

Pregnancy App

Providing information and resources for expecting mothers and new parents right from your phone or tablet.

While you may not come to the REX Women's Center until your third trimester, we are here to support you at the start of your pregnancy, and all the way through postpartum and newborn care with the UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby app!

Download the app and enter in your due date to learn how your little one is growing and developing each week, from conception to birth. You'll also find a wealth of information about labor & delivery, postpartum care, breastfeeding, and newborn care, plus all you need to know about your upcoming delivery at  REX Women's Center.

The UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby App features:

  • Weekly milestone updates via push notifications
  • Animations and videos
  • Information on the following topics:
    • Healthy pregnancy
    • Labor and birth
    • Postpartum health
    • Breastfeeding
    • Newborn Care
  • Information about your delivery and recovery at the REX Women's Center
  • Trackers for appointments, weight and immunizations
  • Kick counter
  • Contraction timer
  • Personal journal
  • Directory of community Ob/Gyn practices that deliver at the REX Women's Center

Download the app for FREE in the App Store or Play Store and stay connected with us throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Download the UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby App

See how your baby is developing each week from conception to birth when you download the UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby App from the App Store or Play Store today!

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