What A Busy DayWhat A Busy Day CD

REX Women’s Center unveils an original CD of lullabies for newborns (and parents) titled "What a Busy Day."

Studies have shown that music can help babies’ development, foster parent-child bonding and improve cognitive skills. Singing along to lullabies and other music can also help reduce parents’ stress.

With this in mind, a group of talented nurses and other volunteers at REX Women’s Center have come together to work on a labor of love for babies and parents. This professionally produced CD includes a few original songs and some beautiful classics. All of the music is performed by members of the UNC REX Healthcare family.

You can get your copy in the REX Gift Shop for only $5. All proceeds from the sales of this CD go to the REX Healthcare Foundation to support the Women's and Children's fund. You can also order a CD by sending an email request or by calling 919-784-4424.

Please enjoy some excerpts below of the REX Women's Center CD "What a Busy Day" and see some of the artists behind the scenes in the recording studio.

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