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Baby and Mom at Rex Women's CenterAt REX Women’s Center, we know every baby is special and every birth is unique. That’s why we’ve created the perfect environment in which you and your family can share one of life’s most amazing moments.

Care That’s Centered Around You

Whether this is your first baby or a new addition to your growing family, our experienced team of obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, lactation consultants and nursing staff are committed to providing you and your family with a beautiful and healthy birth experience.

If you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, take comfort in the maternal-fetal medicine specialists, surgeons, nurses, sonographers, and genetic counselors within the UNC Maternal-Fetal Medicine department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UNC REX. These specialists will work together to provide you and your baby with high quality care.

Find Everything You Need at the REX Women’s Center

At the REX Women’s Center, you’ll have access to everything you need to help make your pregnancy and delivery as healthy and comfortable as possible. From private rooms designed to make you feel at home to a wealth of education and support resources.

Our services include:

Download our REX Women's Center Pregnancy Information Packet for additional information about delivering your baby at UNC REX, caring for yourself during and after your pregnancy, and caring for your growing family. 

Take a tour of our birthing center and get the facts about anesthesiology services, newborn nursery, visitation, room service, etc. by calling 919-784-1992.

A Safe Environment for You and Your Family

Your safety and security, and that of your family and new baby are among our highest priorities.

A uniformed security officer is stationed outside of maternity areas to monitor UNC REX Healthcare visitors. All visitors must register upon arrival at maternity units, and wear ID badges at all times. All UNC REX Healthcare staff members are required to wear photo ID badges while on duty.

We also issue identical ID bracelets to baby, mom and her partner and will check and match these bracelets each time your baby is transported from the nursery.

For added security, hand scanners have been added to nursery and maternity entrances. Newborns must be transported in a bassinet and may not leave maternity areas without being escorted by a UNC REX staff member. These measures are taken for your baby’s safety.

If at any time you feel uncertain or uncomfortable, notify your nurse immediately.

Rex Women's Center: The Musical

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UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby AppThe UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby App describes how your little one is developing each week from conception to birth. It also provides a wealth of information about labor & delivery, postpartum care and more, plus all you need to know about your upcoming delivery at UNC REX.

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