UNC REX Healthcare Careers

Nursing Orientation

Nursing orientation at UNC REX Healthcare is comprehensive and convenient. We offer orientations every other week to help prepare you for your new job and familiarize you with our policies and procedures. Our full-day nursing orientation programs and courses are required before starting your new job.

Nursing Orientation for Hospital RNs

Hospital RNs must complete the following nursing orientation sessions and programs:

  • General orientation
  • Clinical orientation
  • Clinical computer orientation
  • New nurse orientation
  • CPR (unless current)
  • Unit-based orientation

Nursing Orientation for UNC REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Centers of Raleigh and Apex RNs & LPNs

If you will work at a rehab or nursing care center, the following nursing orientation sessions and programs are required:

  • General orientation (main campus)
  • Clinical orientation (main campus)
  • General computer orientation (main campus)
  • CPR (unless current)
  • Facility-based orientation